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Taking the organs of brain dead persons for donation does not constitute violation of ethics so long as there is no question of the patients’ state.

The brain as the control center of a person’s being dictates behavior and responses of a human being. In the event of its death, brain dead patients are good as being truly dead. Without the brain, a person will only lie in a comatose state for an indefinite period of time, causing grief to his family in addition to mounting hospital bills to think of.A person who’s being kept alive through the use of machines without a real chance of recovery would be better off donating his organs to others who have higher chances of living. In this manner, two persons suffering for different reasons will be remedied; one is put to rest, while the other is given a new life. The essence of life is lost by trying to keep alive a person who has no chance of living.It is an act of mercy to end an already dead person’s life and saving another in the process. It’s seldom, if ever, that a brain dead person recovers the full capacity of his faculties.

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If he does, it would be on a vegetative state and nobody would want to be in that way. In recent years, the medical profession, in coordination with the law-making bodies, has come up with a clear definition on when to consider truly dead a person whose brain is not functioning.Based on the law, it is ethical to remove organs from a brain-dead person provided that brain waves can’t be detected through electroencephalography, and there’s no reflexes coming from the brain1.

When there is no brain activity, the person is considered dead even if his body has still a breath of life left in it. _______________ 1. Lawrence A.

Howards, MD, “Ethics of Organ Donation,” Journal Sentinel Online, 20 June 1999.

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