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I chose to organize the situation off bakery. The mission and purpose of the bakery is to provide fresh pastries with high quality ingredients and coffee on an everyday basis. 2. In order to accomplish this mission there are a set of tasks to be completed.

First, one must ensure that there is all the ingredients necessary to bake and as fresh as can be. Then, one must bake enough of the pastries in order to meet demand. The worst scenario is running out of something that customers are ordering or coming in for. The business must hire two full time bakers and some baristas to inning out the items in a fast manner for customers in the morning. . (Attached organizational chart) 4.

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One main issue that will be faced when running the business at two locations is to retain team cohesion and retain the mission and philosophy of the bakery. Another issue is how to communicate effectively with the employees in the other location in order to ensure they understand what their duties are and to see how they are performing. The second location needs to share in the vision of what good performance is. The communication issue may be solved with weekly meetings, Keep or webzines.The key is that employees understand what they need to do and are supported. Tracing results of each business may be a challenge. In order to ensure both businesses are carrying out operations as the mission states, there should be a standardization of some vital procedures. (Attached drawn organization chart that includes the two business locations.

) This organization chart looks similar to the first chart but is divided by store. I would have the store managers and president hold meetings to evaluate progress and perhaps meet with the bakers and baristas to get feedback that may help the business.Because the organization doesn’t rely on innovation and needs to focus on the same product and service offered in both locations, there is a mechanist format. The baristas will report to the store manager. The baker however will report to the president regarding product and so the president can ensure that the product is being prepared right in all locations. 5.

In order to keep up with five bakery locations, there will be control and communication issues that would need to be addressed. For control, the issue will be should the store manager be in charge of hiring its own employees or should you the owner) do the hiring?Training members and assuring that they understand the business values and training bakers in order how to properly make the pastries. Physical visitation to each bakery is essential in order to keep employee morale up and to ensure that employees understand that one cares and is looking at what they are doing. One will have the regional managers visit and the bakers should report to the regional managers and their store managers. To the regional managers, Just to ensure again that product is consistent and if they have another other product ideas. They should participate with higher management because they are the backbend of the company.

. With 75 business location, the main challenge will be that information is shared throughout the whole organization. The organization will be organized by departments with encouraged cross collaboration. It is important for others to see the results of their hard work and understanding what others do in the employees understand what is being done at other locations and how they are helping to reach the company vision. Training and a “promote from within” environment will help retain employees and other may choose to build a career thin the company.There will be a system and standard procedures in order for some things to be the same throughout the bakeries. Employees at the low hierarchy rank should feel like their feedback is valuable since they are the ones in the front lines with the customer.

Human Resources will be its own department in order to ensure that candidates possess the skills and the values similar to that of the company. The regional managers will have to report to the President. Operations and Finance will have their own separate departments and report to the president.

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