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Optometryis a practice that is very fast paced, and involves many dynamic interactivecourses. The course will involve anatomy, laser procedures, and many otherpractices. Optometry is the study of the eyes.

It is a healthcare professionwhich involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects orabnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease. Ichoose this job because it’s not too stressful. I already know that it will bea job where I have up to twenty-five patients a day or more, I know that my jobwill involve judgment of what’s might be in the cornea, and what might beaffecting the patient from not seeing. I’m hoping to learn more about nearsighted, far sighted, and more about the eye. This report will be about things I’velearned further about Optometry, I will include information from the sources I’vechosen.

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I’m choosing this career to keep the career of nursing still in ourfamily. But I’m doing a little bit of an upgrade to the nursing, i’m going totry to challenge myself to get into something higher than nursing. The nursingindustry has been in my family for generations, I intend to keep it goingthroughout many more years to come.            In Optometry the responsibilities that will be withheldare “private practice, taking the role of chief financial officer, arrangingfor capital… maintaining adequate sources for current and furtheringborrowing, maintaining and developing banking arrangements, handling the moniesfrom your practice and your investments, and managing real estatetransactions”(Sclafani and William).

The job environment would be fast paced,it is a much focused occupation, where you must stay on task, you have tounderstand what your patients are saying, and be able to help them best as youcan. Getting to know your clients is a top priority in this job industry, notonly do you have to do business with these people over and over. But the persondoing this job must convince the client to keep coming back to them year afteryear. They have to help them get a good experience with their industry becausethey wouldn’t want a client to switch over to another industry.

            Roger Bacon was one of the first people to mention lensesas useful for those with weakness of sight in 1263. The Optometry businessbegan when there was early studies on optics and image formations of the eyes.This job used to be practiced as a basic physics class. The job now is moretechnical, fast paced, and more advanced. In 1846 trial lens case werefacilitated the of the determination of a lens prescription independent of thevending and dispensing of spectacles. Optometry began with the name Cylindricallenses in 1863. Optometry is one of the most unique and most importantprofessions.

In the early centuries people believed that optometry would haveto be taught to everyone as a basic physician, people were taught this for manygeneration. Optometrists eventually began experimenting with contact lenses,and in 1888 became successful in the first use of corrective vision contact lenses.In 1915 there was a Court case that went to the Supreme Court it was calledMartin v.

Baldi the PA It was made the rules that optometry is a calling,separate from medicine and cannot be regulated by the state board of medicineas a “minor branch” of that profession. Albert Fitch had convinced Pennsylvaniaoptometrists to pursue legal action. In 1928 in New York the Commissioner ofEducation obtained passage of a bill that allowed only graduates of a school ofoptometry affiliated with a university to qualify for the state boardexamination, thereby initiating the end of the apprenticeship system oflicensure. (“American Optometric Association”).Theskills needed for this job would be teamwork, leader, working together,brainstorming, and you would have to understand what the patient is going through.Traits needed for this job would involve being able to have a steady hand,patients, multitasking, the ability to be able to use microscopes, technology,you would more than likely have to be a social person, who enjoys time withothers, and can cooperate with others. (“American Optometric Association”)Theeducation needed for this job is knowledge in medicine, surgery, anatomy,physiology, pharmacology, and disease optometry.

Classes that would need to betaken are anatomy, physics, binocular vision, and science. The degree thatwould be needed is a masters. Training needed would be training in optics,refraction, vision science, non-strabismic binocular vision and accommodativeproblems.

Medicine – surgery, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, anddiseases. Colleges that offer the best job experiences for optometry are placeslike the University of Waterloo, Illinois College of Chicago, Southern Collegeof Memphis, Salus University, and the University of Houston. Theemployment for this job is in a high demand. The hiring likelihood of them hireringin the future is high, mainly because people all around the world are going formore top paying jobs like doctors, and most people forget that optometry iseven a profession. This job profession goes to about $105,000 per year to about$215,000. Places hiring are Visionworks, Guthrie, and Veterans HealthAdministration.TheOptometry business has many ups, and downs dealing with it.

The job itself canbe pretty stressful if very busy, long hours of working day in and day out, anddealing with many different patients. Optometry is a job where in college yougo to will not only teach you the basics but the major courses needed tograduate after the course of five to six years. The pay for this job is worthit. Optometrist have the opportunity to learn new things from each other, theyalso get to learn from their mistakes, and learn from their patients.

I’m veryinterested in being an optometry in the near future. I would like to work witha lot of different cases, and make new friends, and meet new people. Optometryincludes various amounts of patients, learning, and social connects. 

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