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In modern times, computers are everywhere around us in our life. Almost everything we do has some association with computers (AIU). They help us to increase productivity. In these modern days, it is rare to find a facility that does not use computer systems. Almost every building or place that people associate themselves has some type of computer in it. This includes homes, churches, schools, and I believe it is safe to say all stores. Windows is the most common operating system when it comes to healthcare technology.

Today, a systematic collection of electronic health information about individual patients and their conditions is the way that most healthcare facilities operate by. These records can include a large verity of information which includes , medical history, allergies, lab test results, personal stats, billing information and demographics (MPT). In the healthcare industry, providing effective, efficient patient care is a top priority. To aid physicians in caring for patients, medical devices must be dependable. Computers need to deliver a high level of usability without having to extensively learn the system.

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They also need to increasingly connect with the organizations other technologies and information technology systems. Recently, windows have created a new program by the name of Windows embedded. This program allows windows users in the healthcare industry to do all of the things mentioned above. It allows them to connect the different technologies such as digital machines used (Microsoft). As for Mac, I have known mac to be used more for arts purposes. Most music producers and computer animation type artists use Mac on the regular.

As with healthcare professionals, many of them are looking at apple products that may help complement their medical practices such as the iPad. While it is true that currently many heath care practitioners are trying to utilize current technology, there are limited options available for a full Mac based practice. There are currently less than about 10 EMR vendors that use Mac OS. Many practices are actually looking at a web based EMR. Web based EMR’s can run on any operating system and would be the best fit for all practices (Medical Practice Trends).

EMR already is increasing, but there is room for more expansion. In 2009, 44% of physicians used some form of EMR, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics (IT Expert Voice). In 2010, about one-fifth of those polled use EMRs with features such as clinical notes, lab results, and prescription orders, while only 6% use fully functional EHRs with capabilities including digital reminders, drug interaction alerts, and electronic order transmissions (IT Expert Voice).

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