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One of my defining qualities is the diversity of experiences
I possess.  I am scientist, world
traveler, and an educator.  As a
scientist I have an aptitude for data collection and analysis.  I am organized, detail oriented, and adept at
mathematics.  I have a passion for
traveling and understanding different cultures. 
As an educator I have a thirst for new challenges, knowledge, and
consider myself a lifelong learner. 
While my academic background is not in business each of these elements
has given me a diverse outlook and unique set of abilities.  I know that these qualities will ensure my
success in the MBA program at UCA. 

My Health Science degree has given me a strong foundation in
analytical skills, data analysis and mathematics.  While my Masters in Teaching (Secondary
Science) has equipped me with excellent organizational skills, the ability to
effectively and efficiently communicate and manage complex tasks in a timely
manner.  While completing my degree in
Health Science from UCA I was fortunate enough to travel to and volunteer in
several different countries.  I have
worked with educators in Spain and Morocco, provided medical support and aid
for orphans in Burma, worked in refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma border
and worked alongside families rebuilding after Tsunamis in Thailand.  I enjoyed seeing how different cultures
influenced the lives and livelihood of people. 
It gave me great clarity and perspective on how a great portion of the
world lives.  It is also where I found my
passion for helping and educating others. 
Upon completing my degree from UCA I began working full time at the John
L. McClellan Veterans Affairs Inpatient Pharmacy.  I worked here full time for three years while
pursuing my Masters in Teaching. 

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Over the past eight years I have worked teaching 9-12th
grade Algebra, Calculus, AP Biology and AP Chemistry.  I have worked with educators, peers, and
students in a variety of settings.  I
taught at the very academically challenging Little Rock Catholic High School
for Boys and I have taught in an alternative public school setting for
disadvantaged students.  This has enabled
me to work with incredibly diverse individuals. 
Working in both private and public education has afforded me the
opportunity to complete continuing education courses in data analysis,
statistics, curriculum design and assessment. 
In addition to strengthening my skills through continuing education
classes I have grown as an individual.  I
am confident in my ability to be a leader, communicate effectively with others and
diffuse intense situations.  I know that
these experiences would enable me to do the same within the business and
finance world.

Being an educator for the past eight years has given me the
opportunity to explore outside endeavors and volunteer opportunities.  I enjoyed work as a white-water rafting guide
for several summers in addition to serving as the Sponsorship Coordinator for
the Buena Vista Colorado Autumn Color Run Half-Marathon.  Each of these experiences has taught me a
great deal about myself.  Through
raft-guiding I found that I am a good communicator, engaging and great at
marketing.  As the Sponsorship
Coordinator for the Autumn Color Run I wear a several hats.  I have found that I really enjoy creating
budgets, managing finances, organizing events and working with a board to set
realistic goals.  It was this realization
that made me decide to pursue an MBA with a focus in finance. 

In addition to my diverse experiences, I am incredibly
hard-working and driven to succeed.  I
obtained my Masters in Teaching while working full time in the pharmacy at the
VA.  I worked the 7am – 3pm shift at the
hospital and took a combination of online and evening classes to obtain my
Masters in Teaching.  While I have loved
being an educator, I desire a new challenge. 
I recognize that acquiring an MBA in Finance will be a great challenge
and one that I am equipped to handle.  I
have a passion to learn more about finance and use my experiences and skills to
explore a new career.  I feel that the
skills I have acquired through my work experience, travel, and volunteer work
make me an ideal candidate for the Masters of Business Administration program
at UCA.  

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