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One day I was dreaming, I dreamed I was running, running fast, and when I came to a stop, I realized I haven’t run anything, this is because all my goals in life just started, I just had to move a little bit to achieve all my goals in my life. That’s where I noticed I can’t stop here, I need to chase all my dreams and make them true. This is where I noticed that as exhausting this race can be, it’s a way of how I want my future to be, a very good one and not stopping in any minute no matter how many obstacles there can be or how many barriers I need to pass through. Since I was a child my mother always thought me that I could not dream big without even trying to apply just a single effort to make them happen. This taught me that good things can come from different forms, good things don’t even cost, you just need good relations with people, cooperation, good friendships and support from all of them. So, as I said before I was running in order to reach my goals and future, and this would never be possible without the support not only from my mother or father but from all my family members, friends, and even school classmates. It will be my honor to enter this college, and give all of me to this institution. I feel really prepared to face this new life level.

I knew that the time to change my mind from school to college when I was discussing with my parents my life goals and objectives and how I needed to change my way of living life. Nonetheless, I also see the chance in college education as a chance of learning new things and to apply them in future life. However, with my wins I’m not trying or implying to defeat others. My mother also thought me the idea that in a race there’s not only one winner but there could be more, and I stick up with this idea. Even though I can describe myself as a very competitive person, I also think that others might have the same opportunity. So since my childhood my mother had inducted my very important values, that I will not only apply in educational life but also on my daily life. But I also know college is very different from a race, in college winners are not going to self-destruct losers but will try to cooperate with those and make them learn from their errors. My mother always supported me during not only my elementary but also in my high school education. During my time in school I also learned that the best way of solving problems is talking, or even debating. I’m a person that will always fight for my opinion but with words. I think one of my major accomplishments during school time, was participating on groups discussions, this discussion makes me fight for my point, and made me grew as a leader, and also made me understand that leaders in life will not always have it easy but instead they need to know how to make the difference.

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So yeah, in my dream I was running, not to be afraid of what was coming but to be prepared to chase my goals and make my mother proud and show her everything she thought me was not in vain but as I said before it made the person I’m right now. And as my carrier tend to the political area I have a really strong wish to make people think that things don’t come easily but they can come just with a bit of effort, I know the university is just another step or level in life I need to go through. And as I keep running this race I will be closer and closer to the finish line, I will not be afraid of the things that wait for me in the other part but I’m sure I will be prepared to face them and if I feel I need more preparation I will keep running until I feel comfortable and I would be able to accomplish all my dreams, and at the moment I cross this finish line I know I will be proud of all the things I have done and I know that my mother will be more than proud to see her son reaching the point she always wanted me to be. 

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