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One social category I believe is socially constructed is money. The money would not exist without human interaction. We wouldn’t know how much money was worth or how it would look or how to really use it. Money only has a value to us at all because society recognizes it as so. We would just automatically assume that $20 is worth that amount when it could be worthless in some countries because that is what it is put as an image. Money could just be a piece of paper and we wouldn’t know it. The fact of the matter, our coins are not worth what they cost. Also, the paper bills and coins are just paper and metal which conclude that the money in our bank accounts is just numbers.
I do believe money is identified as social inequalities in society today. You must be in a certain group to advance a better opportunity to move up the ladder. There is certainly a person to have a positive outcome if he or she put themselves in a position to be noticeable by having a higher education level with the possibilities of changing the social class status. I feel as long social inequalities continue all the hardworking people will never have an equal opportunity. This will have to work that much harder just to survive.

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