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One of the most significant community development corporation in the U.S. is New community corporation found by Msgr. William Linder in 1968. New community corporation provides houses for low-income families or families that are in need. Like the video 20/20 Waiting on the world to change, one of the organization provided a house to Ivan’s family because they are homeless and have nothing to eat. Their mission is to help the resident like Ivan to improve their quality of life. Therefore, the community offers many services such as educational & youth services, traditional living and family services, extended care and mental health, health and social services, adult learning center, etc. These services will help people of different races, ethnic and gender. For instance, adult learning center serves more than 700 people on their academic skills and people will reach the best of themselves through the process of learning in the learning center. 2. The name of organization: Advocates for Children of New JerseyAdvocates for Children of New Jersey is an organization to protect abused children and abandoned children. It originally called the Association for Children, ACNJ is part of an evolution that began in 1847. The organization was created for foster children and children in domestic violence families. Two groups – the Citizens Committee for children and Child Service Association merged to form a new organization which is Advocates for Children of New Jersey in 1978. The organization works with many leaders from states and federal to benefit children in New Jersey. Their mission is to help children and families who is in need through the research and policy. It will raise people’s awareness to the organizations and this will bring more people to volunteer in the community. Like many other communities, Advocates for Children of New Jersey also offers educational and physical help, counseling and training.   3. The name of organization: Children’s aid and family services Children’s Aid and Family Services is a nonprofit providers of human services and child welfare programs. They help homeless children and they support children, young adults, the elderly and their families as well. The organization help the local people one by one which means that everyone will receive the best services. Many people turn to Children’ Aid and Family Services for helps in improving the quality of the life. Each year, they will help children to find an adoptive family, providing life skills counseling, presenting educational workshops, etc. Children’s aid and family services has many programs for different people within different needs. They have family and community services, foster care, the center for alcohol and drug resources, developmental disability, etc. 4. The name of Organization: Wynona’s House The Wynona’s House was founded in Newark, New Jersey and it is a nonprofit organization that helps children who have been abused or neglect from the parents and the families. The mission of Wynona’s House is to promote justice and healing victim children who have been abused and neglect by the families. The organization also provide protection services for those children who are at the risk. They want to create a community where the children are safe and feel happy. They have a program name Family Advocacy Program which is to help the children and the families receive effective services. The organization provides support for both children and family for mental and physical abuse. In addition, Wynona’s House also provide medical care and counselling for victims. 5. The name of organization: Family Service League Family Service League began with children home in 1881. The organization offers child care, counselling educational program, direct support to those families in need, etc. The core mission for the organization is to support and strengthen people who is in need through counselling and educational programs. The organization offers social and educational services without regard people’s race, financial statues, ethnicity and gender. It promotes education about sexual abuse and prevention to people. In addition, one of the mission of the organization is to provide tools for individual, families, communities to deal with crisis.

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