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One day in the lavish world Fortunato had terribly ashamed the Montresor family. He had done something unforgivable for the supposedly most wealthy family in the world. Fortunato had just told a secret to the Montresor family. Everyone at the usual was there. Every week dinner was placed where only the wealthiest of the wealthiest were allowed in. In this lovely dinner, things did not go too good for everyone. This dinner This led Montresor to kill Fortunato.
Fortunato was very imprudent at the dinner table. Fortunato was drunk as always at the dinner. He had drunk too much wine. Once the Montresor family were extremely close friends to Fortunato. The Montresor family always had the reputation of a mind-blowing rich family. However, all of a sudden they were very poor because all of their crops were burnt for an unknown reason. As a result, they could not sell anything. Hence, they asked Fortunato, a wealthy man also, for money to bring the crops back on. Because of friendship, Fortunato gave the family a great amount of money. This was supposed to be maintained a secret since the Montresor family was ashamed of asking for money when they were always the one that was asked, not them. However, on the dinner, Fortunato was extremely drunk and told everything to the people attending the dinner. The Montresor family was ashamed and built a wall of hatred towards Fortunato. Fortunato had caused great shame on this prestigious family. 
  The family never felt the way they felt that night. As a result, Montresor built up deadly anger inside his body leading him to want to go after Fortunato. After finding a plan of silence Montresor killed Fortunato. When Montresor came after him Fortunato was very confused. “I am going to kill you because of the shame you put on my family. This will solve your drunk actions!” says Montresor. Fortunato was Confused because he never was conscious of his actions when he was drunk, he was always drunk. After Montresor kept a secret of killing Fortunato, and the family eventually have not seen him in forever, Montresor told the story of what happened. The family thought Montresor had done a favor to the world by eliminating this careless, selfish, rude man.

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