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 One of the concern that has led to thereferendum was immigration. In fact, The United Kingdom aims to cut the currentannual flow of EU nationals coming to Britain introducing restrictions and newpolicies in order to cut immigration at “sustainable levels” in order toprefer British workers above all, under a detailed proposal set out in a HomeOffice document leaked to the Guardian.

(Travis and Hopkins, 2018). The UnitedKingdom Is known as one of the most multi-ethnic country of Europe. In 2015, there were around 3.

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3million EU immigrants living in the UK up from 0.9 million in 1995 – a rise to5.3% of the population from 1.5%. (Anon, 2018). However, even if Brexiter aretrying to do everything in their power, statistics and data have demonstrated theopposite needs than a policy to restrict immigration.

This because due to the fact that immigrantsconsume local services and goods, this increases demand and so raises jobprospects of those who produce those goods and services and also, with highskilled workers, company can increase their productivity with a consequentlyincrease in wages. (Anon, 2018). In conclusion, especially regarding small andmedium business, the immigration had and will have positive effects as a resultof the reasons stated above.  

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