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On the other hand, there are various ways to
avoid becoming addicted to watching television. A TV show for example. will
most likely end with cliff hangers, triggering you to watch just one more
episode and then another one. Why you might ask? One TV episode leaves us
wanting a type of “psychological closure” from the previous TV episode we just
saw. To prevent this from happening you could set personal restrictions and try
to commit to them, such as an “end time” to watching television (e.g. ‘by 7pm I’ll
stop watching television and start doing my homework’).


Maybe putting an “end time” is not for you,
and you have to stop watching television just when climax has begun. Another
way to watch television responsibly is then by committing to a number of episode
a day, and then watching the half of one episode is an alternative. One episode
leaves an individual with so many questions this I was watching half of the
following episode will give you enough closure to be able to turn off the
television. For example, “I am going to watch episodes one till three and then
15 minutes of episode four to see what the answer to the cliff hanger is”.

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 Lastly, it is also highly recommended to
balance the activity of watching television with other types of activities. Such
as spending with you friends, family, going for a walk or run. Creating a
supplemental source of pleasure to television will reduce the chances of becoming
addicted to watching television 

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