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On June 15, 2012, DACA was created. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a bill that allows people who entered the US when they were young and stayed in the US illegally to be able to stay permanently but every two years, would have to renew their eligibility to stay in the United States. This bill which helps protect young immigrants that are eligible to be stopped from deportation.  DACA provides undocumented, young immigrants a work permit and protection from deportation. DACA would only protect people under the age of 31 after the day it was enacted. This bill helped many people after it was enacted and it there is many people in the United States who now, are supported and protected by the DACA Bill.Last year in September, Trump had announced that the DACA Bill would soon be terminated. As the president has to approve of the DACA Bill during every renewal, this year, because Trump has been voted as the president, he has decided to stop the renewal. This is a problem to more than a 500,000 people because they are protected and are able to live legally in the United States with the DACA bill. If the bill is not going to be renewed anymore, that makes more than 500,000 people are going to be illegally staying in the US. Illinois, as a state that hosts more than 35,000 people that are under the will have to be sent back to their home country when the DACA Bill is officially put an end to. This is a problem to the US because this takes a situation to find a million people having to be leaving the United States because of this one bill.Ways that we could help change the problem is to have Trump negotiate his own deals in order to keep the DACA Bill and let it continue. Since he wants to fund for the wall, we should include that with the other things he wants. As we need to find our some organization or place that would fund for the wall, it should be a place where it’s getting something out of this deal like the tax that we collect or maybe, if possible, other countries that are rich. If it would be possible, we could ask the countries in the United Nations for help as they would understand the problem as Mexico is a part of the United Nations and the wall. An idea from the state of Illinois is to use the combine many places that will fund this bill together because the price that the wall is going to take to build is 21 billion dollars. In order to earn this money, we could ask Republicans for big funding organizations as they would help Trump for his wall. Another solution from the state of Illinois is to convince him and show him what would happen to America by showing him the population drop of about 900 a day or losing about 500,000 in total only the beginning. We could also show President Trump how much trouble it would be after he terminates the bill by showing him how hard it would be to find all those people or the young children who are under the protection of DACA.

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