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On the basis of two alternative designs, we find the layout design I have more advantages and it can successful implementation over existing plant layout. As layout design II requires more cost and gives lower productivity than layout design I.The following are the list of advantages to select the layout design I:? From existing and improved plant layout, it is observe that preconditioning of pulse helps to increase in dehusking efficiency from 97-99% from 80-85%. This will help to provide higher milling efficiency.? From existing and improved P-Q chart, it is observe that there is increase in milling efficiency from 75% to 80%. The amount of finished pulse or split dal obtained will be 80%.? From existing and improved flow of material chart, it is observe that the altering the positions of various equipment will ensure improved sequence of material flow such as reduces the pulse passes twice through stone roller to single pass.? From existing and improved Space Requirements chart, it is observe the total area reduced is 74ft2. In the present layout, the total area available to the layout is 3249ft2 while in the case of modified layout; the area covered by the layout is 3175ft2.Therefore in the optimized layout, the total area reduced in the processing of pulse by reducing the distance between two stone rollers to single stone roller is 74ft2. By the application of SLP, the design of an optimized plant layout will able to increase the productivity by reducing reject pulse and waste due to broken or excessive powdering of pulse. Therefore increase the productivity of the plant from 75% to 80%.In this project, some solutions are discussed only from the view of theory. In order to evaluate solutions and suggestions more scientific and feasible, we discussed more detail information. As regards rebuild the existing building, it is necessary to investigate the local environment and market carefully, which is time consuming and can be another big project.As for the package problem there are many things can be researched in the future, such as the material of package, the style and size of package box, and so on.Transportation problem based on the flow of raw pulse as well as the finished pulse from workstations or different destinations can also be calculated. Transportation network can also be analysis.We can also evaluate the improved plant layout by three-dimensional modelling –physical or with computer graphics is both a form of checking and a refinement of planning. The nothing model is more accurate way to help others to visualize a plan. When review the planned layout in modelled form, they feel the impact of possible improvements. And by going through the extra refinement of building a model and the planner finds some more additional improvements to make in the layout.

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