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ömer çelebiö?lu 1.      Explain how your health doesrelates/affects your self-esteem?            before answering thisquestion in details let me give a small example to simplify the idea , soimagine that you were having fun and playing with your friends like every daybut the next day you have got flu and you were not able to move or to play, youwill feel bad for this and when you see that your friends went out and playedwithout you you will start feel that you were a banded by them so you will havelow self-esteem .            the first part of thequestion is : how your health and your self-esteem are related?from the example above we can conclude that bad health means lowself-esteem and good health means high self-esteem , to be accurate we can notsay that health is the only reason for high or low self-esteem but indeed its amain reason for it , so its a simple equation actually high means high and lowmeans low in more simple terms : you can not have high self-esteem without goodhealth.            the second part ofthe question is: how does your health affects your self-esteem?so as I  mentioned above therelationship between health and self-esteem , here I will be discussing some ofthe main points that bad health or good health can affect your self-esteem.what a bad health can do to your self-esteem:1. low self confidence: this is a famous thing that happens to a lotof people and a main reason for it is bad health, for example if you eat junkfood a lot and you are fat and people started to make fun of you, there will bea big chance that you will start loosing confidence in your self.

2. stress and kind of depression : health habits that includes : food,clean, time management ,…

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..etc , can really cause depression and stress for aperson, so imagine that ömer çelebiö?lu you are a person that sleep and wake when ever he wants , do not takecare of his personal clean and eat bad food, this person will probably be thekind that is lazy , does not do hi tasks on time and stuff , besides thatpeople will hate him, this person will feel stressed all the time because ofthe tasks that he did not finish and the people that hates him, and he coulddepressed from the feeling that he is useless person and no one wants him andother things.3.

having bad relation ships: bad health or health habits will leadmost of the time to destroy your relationships , because bad health habitsleads to extreme anger , stress, depression, laziness,…..etc, so simply whowants a friend with this things in him/her.

4. feeling that you have no will anymore: so, bad health habitsas smoking cigarettes is a great example because the who smokes cigarettesfeels that he has no will ,  feel that hecan not stop smoking it and he can not live without it, this kind of feelingalways leeds to a bad self-esteem , and the same things is applied to drugs,alcohol …

..etc .            thosewere some of the main examples that ad health can do to your self-esteem butwhat a good health can do to your self-esteem?            Iwill answer this question briefly in one example: Imagine that you have a regular sleeping time,you do your work in time and with passion, you eat healthy food and you takecare of your personal clean, easily the results would be:1. high self confidence2. comfortable life and mind3.having great relationships4.

having free will, so to have high self-esteemyou must have good health habits.ömer çelebiö?lu    To what extent does your family’s healthhistory can determine your own health? Explain and give examples.            family health historycan be a killer for a person or at least can make his life really hard. Let mestart with an example to simplify the idea :Ahmad is a regular person that take care of him self and his healthhabits somehow, one day while playing with his friends he fell down and went into coma, after getting to the hospital the doctor said that he has a heartdisease and the reason is genetically because his family has this heart diseasefor a long time. So if Ahmad knew about this before and took his prudence hewould have a higher chance in surviving and not getting this the questionis:    To what extent does your family’s healthhistory can determine your own health? so as I mentioned before and as we can conclude from the example thatit can be killer that will finish your life so it is not a simple thing toignore.but does this mean that having a family disease that it will 100percent come to you?of course no, and that is what I am going to discuss now that a familydisease surly does not mean to have it , but indeed it means that you have tobe careful and take your prudence not to have it .

for example: some families have diabetes as an ill and there is a bigchance for you to have it, but you can decrease the chance of having it bygetting away from the things that causes it and by trying to e healthy as muchas possible so you do not got this disease.there is some steps you have to do to avoid these diseases what ever theyare: 1. knowing what diseases there is in yourfamily.

2. do a research to know what are the causesor what are the things that make this diseases happens to you.3. avoid these reasons with every waypossible.4. try to eat and to do the habits that willmake your body healthier and stronger.5. play sports regularly and make it an everyday habit.

            Atthe end your good health or bad health is in God’s hands, so you just have totake the reasons and leave the rest on him.                      ömer çelebiö?lu Compare three eating disorders in one table?      ömer çelebiö?lu sources:1. http://www.burnsurvivorsttw.


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