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& Intended Outcomes

In today’s markets of
increasing competition and consumption; where there are abundant chocolate
brands selling similar products, consumers have a great number of options and
numerous different factors influencing their buying behavior. Chocolate is
considered one of the products that is consumed and liked by almost everyone.
It is no surprise that in the United States the chocolate sales in 2017 are
expected to exceed 22 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020 the United States is
forecast to become the number one consumer of chocolate worldwide (Statista,
2017). Another reason this product category will continue to expand is the fact
that 70 percent of chocolate is purchase on impulse (Allen, 2010). In other
words, the customer’s first intention to be at the selling place was not to buy
a candy but we buy them when we see them displayed. In light of the previous
scenario, this project will make an effort to determine the factors that have
an effect on consumer’s buying behavior and will concentrate on the following Snack
size chocolates brands: Reese’s,
Snickers, Kit Kat, Hershey’s, and Twix. This project will be conducted and
limited to the residents of the city of Norton in the State of Kansas. The main
objectives are a) to understand the decision-making process of Snack Size
chocolate consumers, b) to assess the different evaluative criteria, 3) and to evaluate
the consumer attitudes in relation to consumption of chocolate. The outcome of
the study will provide important information of the influential factors that
affect the preference of a brand over another at the time of the purchase. This
information can help stores and gas stations managers understand the
preferences of customer’s and adjust their product mix to satisfy the real
demand of the consumers in the city of Norton.

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The content of this
project is composed of primary and secondary data. In addition,

A combination of qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (survey)
research methods were used for the gathering and analysis of data.  To collect the primary data, a questionnaire containing
36 questions was designed to randomly interview a total of 20 participants composed
of co-workers, neighbors and friends. Participants will be interviewed and
asked to fill in the questionnaire. To collect secondary, a special afford was
made to use well-known authors, as well as focusing on using up to date journal
articles and book references.


has been studied and established that choosing food requires more complex
decisions and are dependent on different, physiological, psychological, as well
as social and cultural factors (Frewer & Trijp, 2007). It has been found
that personal values are primary determinants of consumer behavior (Homer &
Kahle, 1988). It can be stated that values are among the most significant leading
factors that have an effect on the kind of needs consumer attempt to satisfy when
purchasing a product (Tse et al., 1989). In this project, research will be
conducted to determine the influential personal values that have an effect on
the purchase behavior of the participants. The
following personal preference determinant attributes will be used in the
analysis of the Snack size chocolate brands: taste, appearance, texture, size,
price, and packing.


The following survey will be conducted
by asking the randomly selected participants to rate each brand of Snack Size
chocolates, based on each of the aforementioned attributes. In this study a
multi-attribute attribute model called the Fishbein model will be used to determine
consumer’s attitude. Solomon (2016) explained that the Fishbein model measures
the following elements of attitude: salient beliefs, object-attribute linkages
and evaluation of each one of the crucial attributes. According to Lindgren
& Konopa (1980), the notion of this model contemplates that when considering
multiple brands the consumer will distinguish the attributes most wanted and
then will evaluate how much of these attributes the brand possess. To measure
each component of the Fishbein model the following questions were created: 

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