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When it comes to our health care system, most of us agree that America is ready for a change. We need a system that delivers accessible, high quality care, but we can’t achieve this goal with government policies that attack the foundation of our current health care system which is employer sponsored health insurance.The Obama administration and members of congress are pushing legislation to set up a government run health care system. This government run system would operate in competition with private health insurance that is commonly provided by many employers to employees and their families.Employer sponsored health insurance is the backbone of our nation’s health care system and if this health insurance is banished this would affect 160 million Americans. Do you want the future of health care be in the hands of a few politicians, the same politicians that are making themselves exempt from their own policies? This trillion dollar takeover of health care will just make things worse for us Americans.

This plan will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit. It would also mean new taxes and a huge backdoor premium that will make health care costs even higher, not lower.Businesses and taxpayers will be stuck paying for a government run plan through higher taxes, these costs we cannot afford at this time when our economy is facing real challenges. This new health care reform will cover fewer medical procedures and each American will have long waiting periods before they can get the medical care they seriously need. Under this plan if you need surgery or a transplant it may take so long for the government to O. K. the medical procedure you need that you may die before your treatment is approved.

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Other countries with this same government run plan has put price tags on the lives of their citizens.This health plan oversees your care and it makes the ill patients wait for the critical care they need to survive. Sadly, some people don’t survive long enough to see the government approve their medical care. For example, in Massachusetts, which in 2006 provided everyone with health insurance, their patients have to wait up to 63 days to get an appointment to see their doctor, could you wait that long to see your doctor if you was ill? As you can see a government run health care system won’t fix our health care system. America doesn’t need a one-size fits all government health care plan.

We have to keep in mind the famous words of President Harry Truman, “Healthy citizens constitute our greatest national resource, and that welfare and security of our Nation demand that the opportunity for good health be made available to all. ”He recognized the need for a better health care plan system that would be able to accommodate all Americans and treat any health problems they may have. We need to work together as Americans to find a solution for a health care reform that lowers costs and expands access to private health care coverage that all Americans can afford, not a massive government takeover that puts a price tag on our lives!

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