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Persuasive Writing Unit Prompt Choices 2012 Directions: For resources use the SIRS/Proquest Database: www. proquestkl 2. com/ Username: 74-85538 Password: bigchalk Click 0k on the box when it pops up, and then click on “SIRS Knowledge Source”; this takes you to the front page with the list of topics for pro & con articles. #1 Requiring School Uniforms (In SIRS click on “School Uniforms”) Your school is considering requiring all students to wear uniforms during school. Do you feel it is a good idea or a bad idea to require students to wear uniforms? Why?

Write an essay persuading your principal to accept your recommendation on whether or not your school should require students to wear uniforms. #2 Is Cheating Always Wrong? (In SIRS click on “Cheating”) “l would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating. ” – Sophocles “‘Tis my opinion every man cheats in his own way, and he is only honest who is not discovered. ” – Susannah Centlivre Recently, the idea of cheating has gotten much attention in the world of sports, entertainment, and politics. Many celebrities have been accused of gaining a ompetitive edge through dishonest means.

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While cheating has mainly been publicly condemned, there are many that feel there are times when cheating can actually be a way of making things better. They believe there is nothing wrong with making yourself a better athlete, entertainer, or politician if what you have done makes the event more entertaining, or assists the greater good. Do you feel that there are times when cheating is acceptable, or is cheating never Justified? In a detailed essay, articulate your position on whether cheating is always wrong. Use facts and examples o support your position. 3 Limiting the Amount of Homework (In SIRS click on “Homework”) Your school is reviewing its homework policy and has asked for your recommendation whether there should be a limit on the amount of homework assigned by teachers. Some students feel that the amount of homework should be limited to allow more time for other extracurricular activities.? Some teachers, however, are opposed to limits on the amount of homework they can assign and believe that they are in the best position to decide how much homework is required for learning.

Do you feel that the amount of homework assigned by teachers should be limited? Write an essay supporting or opposing a policy to limit the amount of homework assigned to students. Your class is studying recycling. On the one hand, recycling can help the environment. On the other hand, recycling is inconvenient and places an added burden on citizens. Do you feel that recycling should be required of all citizens? Why? Write an essay persuading your legislator to accept your recommendation on whether or not recycling should be mandatory. Do You Agree With a Curfew? (In SIRS click on “Curfew’) The mayor of your town is considering establishing a 10:00 pm curfew for all children under the age of 18. What do you think? Write a multi-paragraph letter to persuade your mayor that he or she should or should not enact the curfew. widely reported incidents of school violence across the nation, many parents, teachers, and students are examining the problem of school bullying. To avoid potential tragedies, your school board is considering implementing a policy to address the incidence of bullying.

Write a letter to your local school board in which you discuss the need for a policy to prevent bullying in your school and suggest what steps this policy should take to prevent bullying from occurring. #7 Advertising on School Grounds (In SIRS click on “Advertising in Schools”) Schools across the nation often have to contend with a lack of adequate funds. As a result, school district administrators have had to find creative ways to obtain additional revenue. Some schools have allowed corporate sponsors to provide money and/or quipment in exchange for advertising on school grounds.

Proponents of such plans assert that schools desperately need the funding/equipment and that students benefit from such corporate sponsorships. Opponents argue that these arrangements allow corporations to treat school children as potential consumers, not learners, and that schools should be safe from commercial pressure. Write a letter to your local school board either supporting or opposing a plan to allow corporate sponsors to provide money and/or equipment in exchange for advertising on school grounds.

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