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Nutrition is extremely important in living a healthy lifestyle. Consuming the recommended minimum number of servings from each of the food groups is a crucial need for one’s bodies. Without it, an individual could not complete every day activities such as going to work, playing sports, or simply walking to and from the store.

These day-to-day activities require one’s body to be in good physical health. One way to become physically fit is to exercise regularly and to eat the proper foods that give an individual the necessary daily nutrient intake. In this paper, I will compare and contrast my food intake for three days.I will determine if my current eating habit is healthy and if I am taking in the recommended calories for a day. In addition, this comparison should tell me what affect it will have on my future health and wellness. In a one day food intake, I consumed about 1,500 calories. I believe that my dietary intake needs some improvement. Sometimes, I have a lack of energy which is due to my improper eating habits.

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My nutrient intake was less than the recommended range. I did not have enough intakes of vitamin A and E, but I had a significant amount of vitamin C. My daily recommended fat intake was 49 grams and I consumed about 80 grams a day.Lastly, what stood out the most was my nutrients intake of sodium, which was about 1,000 above the recommended range. The food pyramid analysis showed that I did not consume the recommended minimum number of servings from each of the food groups from the food pyramid.

My grain intake was over what I should have for a balanced diet. My meat and bean intake was the closest to the recommended consumption. My vegetables intake showed that I consumed only 1 cup of the 3 cup recommendation, while my fruit intake was half of the recommended minimum. I did not meet the daily recommended fiber intake.

Lastly, my lowest consumption was my dairy intake, which was one third of the recommended minimum. Without this analysis, I would not have known that I was not consuming the recommended minimum number of servings from each food group. I did not consume the recommended minimum servings from any of the food groups. One reason is that I do not like a lot of fruits. I am very picky when it comes to fruits. You may say that a have a selective palate when it comes to fruits, which contributes to my lack of fruit intake. I love milk, but I usually just have a glass a day and maybe some cheese and yogurt here and there.

The main reason that I did not consume the number of servings from each group is due to my lack of knowledge of what is the daily recommendation. My food groups were under represented, but I did not seem to have any balance between them, which is probably one of the reason I believe that I am sluggish at certain times of the day. My food choices were monotonous. I will only eat food that I enjoy even if they are not nutritious. I know that I need to expand my food choices to meet the requirements of the pyramid food groups. I can begin by consuming more fruits and vegetables- to also increase my fiber.In addition, I can educate myself on the recommended minimum number of servings from each food group, so I would know how to eat healthy.

If I consume a little more of each food group, I will have more energy because my eating habits would improve. In conclusion, although I do not always eat properly or exercise on a regular basis, I am now choosing other measures to help me live a healthier lifestyle. I decided to take a vitamin every day. Maintaining a healthy diet is not easy, but maintaining the process can be simple. Simply stated, an individual should eat a balance nutritious diet and exercise regularly.

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