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Nowadays, university attendance is mandatory for all
students. However, whether going to
classes should be optional for students is a much debatable issue. I personally believe that
daily attendance in classes is useful for students for several reasons. Let us
see how attending to classes scores over the not attending.

In the very first place, the most important reason for
attending classes that it provides the opportunity of face-to-face interaction
with the teachers. Because of the direct interaction between the students and
the teachers, lessons are more productive and interesting than just reading of
written course books at home. Students do not only learn the contents of the
lessons, but also enter deeper into the essence of the subject as the teacher
gives examples from her own experiences. In addition, teachers can encourage
interest and it is an irrefutable fact that interested encouraged people try to
learn more. A student not attending classes may have bored and stop studying.
Teachers can provide a simpler and faster way to present material to the
students. They do not only teach academic subjects, but also numerous social
skills. Also, students learn in a more well-organized atmosphere. Teachers give
assignments and regularly check them. It helps the teachers to identify the
weak points of students, guide them correctly, and lead them to better
preparation for the examinations and consequently better results. All this
cannot be done by without constantly attendance.

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Secondly, the self-confidence and self-control of
students increase by participating in oral discussions, debates and projects
organizing in classes. They learn how to work with others in a group and also
their viewpoints on life become wider. Studying in a group also develop the
level of motivation on learning. It helps to improve their communication skills
and general development of their personality. I think all of these are reasons
why students should attend classes at university.

As a conclusion, I can say that however, there are
many people who think attending classes should be optional for students, I
would like to say that students definitely learn more by attending classes.


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