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you guys seem to love my hack videos I’ve done several of them hacks are great
because they’re kind of like shortcuts or easier ways to achieve your goal and
still look amazing the one aspect I’ve never seen hack videos on or on the gym
are with Fitness today we’re gonna go over seven fitness hacks you can do to
bump up your gains the first gym fitness or healthy lifestyle hack is you
should never eat out of the original container this is the worst mistake I see
guys make they open up a bag of chips and just eat the whole bag the problem is
that first of all you don’t know how many calories you’re in taking and that’s
usually how people slowly start getting more overweight they don’t know what
they’re putting into their body second of all when you’re eating out of the
original container before you know it you’re already at the bottom because you’re
big launching Netflix the best thing you can do is always pour out yourself a
serving size amount look at the calories in the back that way you can track
what you’re eating but also it’s gonna limit you once you’re done with that
serving size you’re done you don’t have the whole bag to keep feeding your face
number two this is more like of a posture one but when you’re driving till your
rear view mirror up just a tad bit just high enough so you can sit upright and
practice good posture I know I know it’s a simple hack but this little effort
is gonna force you to sit up straight and build a stronger core and remove any
sort of hunchback you might have from slouching and hunching over constantly
the third hack you can do to take amino acids as you workout BCAAs or branched
chain amino acids are essential amino acids your body doesn’t produce naturally
and you need them these are essential during working out because it’ll lead to
less muscle fatigue and less muscle soreness helping you boost quicker recovery
times the benefit it helps you maintain your intensity longer as you work out
which of course will boost your gains at the long run the harder you train I personally
take my amino acids and my Fit Mix Pro it’s perfect for on-the-go lifestyle if
that’s the type of guy you are this is a shaker cup you probably want to check
out make sure you have your personal shaker cup the cool part with this one is
I carry water in it all day so I drink water in it regularly but once I go to
the gym I just open the little container on top drop my amino acids and that
little small propeller veins out around 16,000 rpms so it ensures me a smooth
love free drink that I can enjoy as I work out with zero effort no more shaking
profusely to make sure I’d get rid of all the lumps the great thing is that I
use this for my protein as well so if you drink a lot of protein amino acids
pre workouts any of this stuff this shaker cups pretty much is perfect for you
the coolest part of this bottle is that you don’t have to worry about batteries
you can act it charge it on your computer or any USB outlet because it is USB
rechargeable and the battery does last pretty long time on top of that it’s
super easy to clean it’s BPA free of leak proof and lightweight which is why I
mentioned in the beginning it’s perfect for that on-the-go life stuff so if you
want to get the same shaker cup I personally use on a daily basis or you just
want to update your personal one this is the one you need to get and right now
you can get it out of steel I’m going to link it below since they’re a sponsor
they’re giving us a 40% discount on this bottle that is freaking amazing on top
of that it’s the new year you want to start it off right you have some fitness
goals in mind make sure you have the gear that’s appropriate for that check out
the fitness bottle I’m gonna have it linked below with that 40% discount code
like I said it’s a limited time so if you wanna pick it up do so now the fourth
fitness act you can do is to listen to music as you workout especially music
with a lot of bass one study showed that blasting music as you’re trained can
be great because it kind of distracts your brain from bodily awareness but this
is the good kind of distraction that takes your mind off the exhaustion and
exertion your muscles are putting into whatever workout you’re doing now your
mind isn’t thinking about how tired it is it’s mostly amped up because of the
music you’re listening to and the study found that athletes can perform up to
15 percent better when they’re listening to music the fifth fitness act you can
do is to brush your teeth early at night and usually at night when we have the most
free time is when the temptations creep in and you want to hit the Pankiw or
the refrigerator to eat your face out the bad part is that if you’ve already met
your calories this is when you start eating at surplus and you start gaining weight
what you can do and a little hack I would do is brush your teeth early this is
what it does is it will basically trick your mind and deter you from wanting to
eat because your mind is going into sleeping mode and Plus who’s gonna want to
repress your teeth so usually when you brush your teeth you’ll probably be too
lazy to want to be brush it’ll stop you from eating because your mind isn’t
that mindset up I’m going to sleeeeep I don’t need any food right now the six
Fitness hack you can do is to work out in front of a mirror I think here it’s
okay to be a little bit narcissistic and standing in front of a mirror and look
at yourself as your workout if you don’t have a fitness partner or somebody to
go along with you and you’re going by yourself this is the best way for you to
check your form make sure you’re using good posture and you’re getting full
extension on all your movement then you can micro correct anything you’re doing
wrong and maximize your result plus when you see yourself all jacked up and
veiny in front of the mirror let’s not be kidding ourselves you’re gonna get
pumped up and you’re gonna work a little bit harder as well finally number
seven make sure you increase your weights gradually so no you’re not gonna be making
fifty pound increment jumps all the time when you hit the gym maybe initially
but it’s gonna get to a point that you’re gonna feel stagnant or there’s some
people that just use the same repetitive weight over and over and over again
just because they’re in a routine that’s never gonna help you increase your
muscle mass make sure that every so often maybe every week every two weeks may
set a goal for yourself you increase the weight on a specific movement make
sure you track it as well and it could be marginal as long as you’re
progressively overloading your muscles it’s gonna help you grow and grow
another way you could do that is by adding more reps so if you’re maybe too scared
of adding a lot of weight and more reps that are only doing eight try nine this
time or try to go for 10 or 12 the point is always push yourself and set new
goals and that’s basically it for me in today’s video guys those are the top
seven gym hacks you can do to just maximize your gains if you guys liked this
video and found it informative don’t forget to drop us a like down below also
don’t forget to check out that shaker cup I was talking about there’s a huge
discount on it I’m going to have it linked down below that’s it for me today
see you next time  

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