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Noise pollution

Through the generation of the human raise, we have used science to guild use to invent bigger and better things. This might make some loud noises. When a sound is of a higher volume or happens on a regular bases then we call that sound pollution

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Noise pollution is cause by everything objects. Such as blenders,TV, music speakers, Cars , construction site or anything the makes a noise. You might not think that there is no effect but you were wrong

The acoustics that people pollute have effected humans and animals. Lately there have been lots of research done on how noises effectchanging the way animals behavior. We are also researching the negative effects on the health of humans. 

Animals do make natural noises but they have adapted to the environmental noises. These noises include: bird, calls,Wild winds, Thunder and animal migration. Animals depend on sound more because they do everything based on sound. When we start to add artificial or unfamiliar sound to a natural habitat it can affect the acoustic environment of these marine and terrestrial habitats. This can cause the animal to hinder the ability to hear and difficult to find food. It can even effect locating mates and avoiding other predator. It also impairs there ability to navigate, communicate and reproduce. These affects doesn’t only affect individuals but can critically affect the population of the species and their society.

Due to some effects that noise has on the human body, we human can not sleep as well so we tend to become not as productive during the day. This can lead to negative effects on the social and economical side. People constantly complain about the noise level everyday and how it is effecting the work progress. It can also cause his blood pressure which is caused by the noise from your surrounding. Durning working you like to stay calm, but with all these excessive noise it can cause a high amount of stress. Hearing loss is one of the most common work related illness. A research has shown that over 22 million people are exposed to hazardous noise.

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