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No Such Thing – John Mayer John Mayer is a new rock artist. He is a song writer and singer. He is a refreshing change from most pop music heard today. John Mayer sings about how he feels, where as other artist sing what he or she feels the people want to feel, and so, it does not sound like it is coming from the heart. John has a nice acoustic tune and sings rock music that say, in many ways, ?Ill show them?. The lyrics in his songs are so meaningful.

I like the lyrics to ?No Such Thing? by John Mayer so much because I can relate to him so much. When Mayer sings ?They have to tell you, stay inside the lines…

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but some things better on the other side?, he is saying that people should take chances. It means that you don?t always have to do the right thing and you should go out into the real world, open up to new opportunities, and face reality, or maybe that there are other things out there that can better suit a person. From my own personal experience, I have found, that, when take chances and try to have fun with things, not doing everything I things, people, mayer, feel, out, john, different, sings, should, everyone, better, best, because, yourself, thing, make, lyrics, look, go, world, way, tune, think, take, sleeve, school, saying, rock, real, person, new, music, much, message, life, later

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