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Newlyweds Problems That Newlyweds Face During the first year of marriage there are many adjustments to contend with in the newly formed relationship.

Some of the most common problems to arise stem from unrealistic expectations involving money, the roles we play, communication skills, relatives, and sex (Olson). One study discovered that couples found their newlywed year to be either their hardest or their easiest year. It was most likely to be a good sign if the couple found this to be their hardest year, due to their actual acknowledgement of the problems that arose and taking steps to work them out. The ones, who found it easy, most likely denied or avoided any such problems (Olson).

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Dealing with problems early can keep them from escalating later. problems, year, relationship, positive, one, olson, important, good, found, emotions, communication, work, ways, skills, sex, out, likely, keep, include, hardest, couple, various, using, useful, unrealistic, tools, taking, take, study, strategies, steps, stem, stay, statements, since, sign

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