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Networking EthernetWhile working at Xerox PARC, Bob Metcalfe and D.

R. Boggs developed Ethernet beginning in 1972 and specifications based on this work appeared in IEEE 802.3 in 1980. Ethernet specifications define low-level data transmission protocols and the technology needed to support them. In the OSI model, Ethernet technology exists at the physical and data link layers.

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Ethernet is the least expensive high-speed LAN alternative. Ethernet adapter cards for a PC range from $60 to $120. They transmit and receive data at speeds of 10 million bits per second through up to 300 feet of telephone wire to a hub. DNSThe Internet uses a distributed naming system called the Domain Naming System (DNS). DNS allows us to refer to computers by host names as well as by Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. IP addresses are hard to remember and are inconvenient to use. DNS allows us to use host names and domain names, which can represent IP addresses. DNS servers translate host names and domain names (for example, www. to an associated IP address (for example, 192.168.1.

10.) For example, peachnet Networks has registered the domain name ? for use by our servers and others. data, network, ip, domain, dns, address, server, host, internet, ethernet, atm, protocol, name, line, isdn, example, digital, arp, addresses, transmission, tcp/, service, one, names, technology, ring, phone, hardware, token, through, t-1, system, speeds, servers, rxdata

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