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Definition of teenagers: -Aged between 13 and 25 -Today’s Semaphore’s has been around since last six years when Apple introduced the Smartened in mass consumer market, but in reality the Smartened has been in market since 1993.

-The difference between today’s Smartened and early Semaphore’s is that early Semaphore’s were predominantly meant for corporate users and used as enterprise devices and also those phone were too expensive for the general consumers. Today’s smartness have the most popular mobile Operating systems (sis, Android, Blackberry SO, Windows Mobile) and key Smartened vendors (Apple, Samsung, ETC, Motorola, Monika, LEG, Sony etc. ) are concentrating to bring treasures both in operating systems and devices which will provide exciting feature to enterprise and general consumers. -The role of Android has been tremendous during this time period as it provides a great opportunity to all vendors to build devices using the great open source Android technology.

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The technology used in smartened designs is unique – it affects individual engagements, firm productivity and interactions in working places. Thesis statement -As smartness are now a global trend, this essay seeks to identify the main negative effects affecting teenagers from the use of smartness, which includes how smartness cause teenagers to be anti social, addicted, to cause health deprivation and to deteriorate education levels, followed by some practical solutions.BACKGROUND PARAGRAPH Topic sentence : The advent of social networking sites, and gaming applications have been crucial factors that contributes to the negative effects Of smartness among teenagers. Supporting info : According to a survey by Compete, a web analytics firm, a large number of people almost up to 65% are using their smart phones to read news feeds, post status updates, read & reply to messages and post photos. Body paragraph 1 ; Topic sentence: Smart phones causes teenagers to be anti social.

Supporting info : – jeopardized social engagement by limiting the individuals to be engaged in the chat rooms – Meetings and face to face conversations are labeled outdated mode of interaction. Instead, conversations are more preferred through testing, emails, and Watchstrap. – Teenagers prefer updating statuses pictures, and checking out notifications regularly, which causes them to stick with their smartness, instead of having a nice conversation with friends and family.Teenagers prefer online games, ( these applications can be easily) installed in smartness) rather than playing indoor or outdoor games with friends and family. – discourages them from interacting with their friends, family and people around them.

Solution : The government and parents can educate and guide teenagers about the positive effects of smartness . Evaluation Although it is impossible to guarantee if it’s effective, as the teenagers might constantly go for entertainment and fun, yet through effective guidance, this solution can be partially effective.Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: Smartness can cause addiction. Supporting info – wanting to be in constant communication with people even though when there is no real need for communication. – obsessed with the number of ‘likes’. – regular updates in Backbone, Instating and Tweeter.

– The Ministry of Public Administration and Security of Korea reported that around 8. 4% of Smartened users in Korea are addicted to Smartened and around 10. 1% of Koreans overuse social networking sites including Backbone, Twitter and Youth.Solution . -Parents can limit their access to smartness, or not equipping young managers with a smartened until they finish schooling.

Evaluation : Will be effective for short term , but once they further their studies, they will be provided with a smartness, and these days, it comes with internet connection. Body Paragraph 3 Topic sentence : Smartness causes health deprivation among teenagers. Supporting sentence : – interfering with our night’s sleep, as they will be looking to answer an inbox and catch up with a friend. NEFF, Radio Frequency (RFC) radiation, Dirty Energy, & Electroscope are descriptions for radiation produced by our day-to-day use of electrical and airless products, and these products are making our bodies sick. – NEFF has been linked to many of today’s common illnesses -cancer, and an overall Feeling of Low Energy. – According to the survey, 33% of mobile workers admitted that they check their phones for email and message throughout the night. Nearly 50% of those surveyed said, they wouldn’t even think of going to bed without have their Semaphore’s tucked under their pillows.

Solution -government can promote awareness regarding the electro magnetic rays released from smartness and Wi-If through campaigns. This can be effective, as the dangerous effects from the ME rays will create awareness among everyone, especially teenagers. Rather than suffering from cancers in a very young age, we better try to prevent it. Body Paragraph 4 Topic sentence: Smartness are the cause for deteriorating education levels sources of distraction- Individuals that have subscribed to social nee;arks are unable to do away with them despite the intensity of their assignments.

At the work place or even homework from school, users will find themselves destructed from their concentration to answer a chat message or an email room a social media friend. The phones divert student concentration during learning sessions. This destruction by social networks and learning through phones attitude limits the harnessing of information from lecture halls.

The device takes over a function that human brain is capable to perform perfectly. It’s like multiplying 5 by 7, resulting in opening the calculator in your Smartened instead of quickly calculating in your mind. Short abbreviation used in testing, (i. ‘u’ for you, ‘ids’ for don’t know, ‘ASAP’ for as soon as possible) will worsen teenagers language vocabulary. Frequent conversations using abbreviations will eventually lead them to corrode the language. Solution : Restrict the usage or ban usage Of smartness in lecture halls, and schools. This might be partially effective, as teenagers are able to sneak in their smartness even in exam halls, and they can even use their smartness outside the lecture hall. But, preventing usage of smartness in lecture hall will at least help them to focus on their learning process during lectures.

CONCLUSION: Summary of main points .To summarize, as far as smart phones are revolutionize the mode of immunization and enhancing the levels of interaction between remote and urban people, they still bring negative effects to teenagers, as in causing teenagers to be anti-social, addiction towards smartness, health deprivation, and deteriorating education levels. Recommendation : There are several ways that we can control and minimize the negative impacts of Smartened in society. For example : Education and Guidance- In order to understand the positive and negative impact of Smartened it is very important to educate the users on how to use Semaphore’s smartly.The education should emphasis to enhance the positive impacts and highlight the negative impacts clearly so that the users can take advantages of this exciting technology. Security and Access Control- There are several initiatives from different vendors that can combat the misuse of Smartened at workplace and at Universities. SAP, Airworthy, MacAfee and many other vendors provide solutions to control the access of Smartened within the workplace and Universities.

Such measures are very useful in environments, where security of information is the top priority.

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