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Negative Effects Of Drinking In College I have decided to talk about the negative effects of drinking while going to college. It?s hard to manage schoolwork responsibilities while still getting out and partying. It has many repercussions on ones school work. I found that drinking has many negative effects on college life; I?ll try to explain some of those effects that I have noticed from drinking and partying. Binge drinking is a major problem on most college campuses. Many people may not think that this is a major problem, but in fact it is. The Harvard School of Public Health did a survey of students from 119 colleges and found some shocking results.

44% of U.S. college students engaged in binge drinking during the two weeks before the survey. Students more likely to binge drink are white, age 23 or younger, and are residents of a fraternity or sorority. If they were binge drinkers in high school, they were three times more likely to binge in college. Over half the binge drinkers, almost one in four students, were frequent binge drinkers, that is, they binged three or more times in a two-week period.

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