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For centuries many have quested for the magical fountain of youth that promised for eternal life and beauty restoration that once was lost. One would dare ask, if such a thing still exist? And if it does, where can we find it? While contemplating for the answers to these questions, I found two interesting articles which are completely different, and yet, similar with its destination goal. The first talks about keeping an active lifestyle, like exercising, to extend life expectancy. Meanwhile, the other article talks about good nutrition being the best anti-aging solution.

You may think that the answers from the articles were unsatisfactory or unadventurous; however, it is the hardest path to follow and the hardest to persevere. Are you willing to take the challenge? In this first article entitled, “Exercising 10 minutes a day can boost life expectancy”, posted in CBC news website on November 7, 2012, talks about having only 75 minutes a week or 10 minutes per day of physical activity can extend your life expectancy for two years. Also, the article described the U. S researchers found that this method can work with anyone regardless of their body weight.The article furthers explained, how researcher from the U. S National Cancer Institute, Steven Moore, and his co-authors confirmed these findings, but adding that physical activity, “..

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. would boost life expectancy even more. ” The article additionally explains how the testing was done. It states that they pooled data from 650,000 men and women who were aged 40 years and older in Sweden and U. S. In their findings, they found that exercising for 75 minutes a week or over 10 minutes a day can increases life for 1. 8 years.

This was compared to relaxation time activity.Meanwhile, the testing done on brisk walking for 450 minutes a week or over 1 hour a day can increases life for 4. 5 years. Knowing that physical activity is a self sustaining journey, you have to remember that more you exercise, the more energy you will have to keep a healthy life style than doing nothing at all. In the second article, “Nutrition Makes Anti-Aging Possible: Secrets of Your Telomeres”, posted in Wellness Resources website on May 21, 2013, the author, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Byron J. Richards, discusses the scientific findings suggesting that nutrition can reduce a bit of the biological aging.In this article, Byron Richards examines the nutritional sciences in the context of improving telomeres, which is a, “..

. repeating sequence of DNA at the end of a chromosome. ” Telomeres reflect the energy your body displays to keep with everyday demands and challenges. If Telomeres become short or become impaired, the body will struggle to keep up. Therefore, damaged molecules will accumulate in the body, slowing down the repair process and accelerating aging process in the body, creating number of health issues.

It seems that when the Telomere cannot longer divide or rejuvenate, it triggers a poor state of cell, whichcontributes to diseases and cell death. In this article, Byron Richards, explains how basic nourishment can help Telomeres improve by consuming good quality of multiple vitamins with dietary protein, and sulfur-rich proteins. He furthers explains, how minerals and antioxidants help stabilize Telomeres. Magnesium, Zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E, are helpful with DNA repair and damage restoration. The point that Byron Richards wanted us to know that healthier we are, the less we need to do.

However, the worse in health we are, the more we need to work to make changes.

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