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National Curriculum of Islamic
Republic of Iran (2013)proposes “active self-confident
communicative approach”- a so-called indigenous version of it- for teaching
English in public schools (Curriculum and Textbook Developement Office, 2014). The goals of
learning English in primary high schools are domain specific themes derived
from upstream documents. The document does not address a plan for testing
curriculum directly, except a general ability to read and write essays as
secondary high school. Thus, textbook developers have codified a set of functions
and notions for the textbooks (Nikoopoor, 2013) and a testing format depending on
textbook and level of learners according to current trend in language testing
and assessment regulations. So far, no research has addressed investigation of

These textbooks are tried to be geared
for Iranian zero beginners as well as those who have already been learning
English in urban and rural areas. For this, “Prospect 1” and “Prospect 2” comprise
contents of personal domain- mainly oral communication skills. Consequently, teacher-developed proficiency tests,
the recommended test format by developers, must focus on evaluating both oral
and written skills (Curriculum and Textbook Developement Office, 2014).

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             Accordingly, textbook developers suggest both
formative and summative in forms of oral and written assessments complying with
current semi-traditional quantitative assessment trend in primary high schools.
These assessments are:

Workbook and other in class
Student’s activities as formative assessment;

A writing and reading
comprehension test as final written assessment;

A speaking (aural-oral)
test as a part of oral assessment; and

A listening-writing test (Foreign
Language Department of Curriculum and Textbook Development Office, 2017).

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