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They provide a number of services for the older generation to included assisted living, transportation, meals, and licensed nurses for certain residents who require 24 hour care. Shalom Tower was built in 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky, by the Jewish Community of

Louisville and the Jewish Foundation of Louisville. The Jewish Community of Louisville and the Jewish Foundation of Louisville wanted to create an alternative living option that emphasized a quality of life for older widows. In 1984, Shalom Tower was opened to men also. In December 2006, the Jewish Community of Louisville and the Jewish Foundation of Louisville sold Shalom Tower to Urban Innovations. After it was sold, Urban Innovation decided that Shalom Tower can accept any person of the older generation as long as he or she is 62 (D. Erect, personal communication, November 24, 2013).

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The industry in providing the older generation housing is constantly growing because of the increased lifespan of this population. As the Baby Boomers enter the retirement age, the older generation population is in need of a huge market of companies similar to Urban Innovations, which will provide these service-oriented products. Senior Care Marketer noted (as cited in FAQ n,d. ) “The senior care industry is booming and it’s just getting started as the baby boom generation cares for their aging parents and require care themselves as they transition into their own senior years.

People sixty-five years and elder represent the fastest-growing age group in the United States, and it is projected that the 75+ population will increase 70% by 2025. By 2030, 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65 – that’s one out of every five Americans! ” (Para. 9). There are a number of retirement apartments in Louisville but many of them do not offer the same services that Shalom Tower offers its residents. Waiting List Many of the older generation want to age in place. According to Novak (2009), “Eighty-three percent of people aged 55 to 64 said they preferred to age in place.

This figure rose to 92 percent of those aged 65 to 74 and 95 recent of people aged 75 and older” (p. 270). Keeping these figures in mind, the waiting list for Shalom Tower is two to three years because many of the residents want to age in place. However, a few vacancies per year are death of a resident. Furthermore, a resident is in need of more permanent care and is moved to a nursing home, which make the apartments available for new occupants. New Demographics Race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, homosexuals, and the handicapped are some of demographics (Cox, 2006).

It is assumed by many people that Shalom Tower is only for Jewish older seniors because of the name. However, Shalom Tower is opened for all, 75% of the residents are of the Jewish faith. The residents are White males and females. The ratio of men to women is 45% men to 55% women. There are 35% of married couples. Every residents must be over 62 and 25% of the residents are handicapped in some way. New demographics that will affect is renting apartments to minority groups, such as Blacks, Americans, and Asian Americans, more religions besides the Jewish religion, and homosexual residents.

Marketing Methods There are many marketing methods that Urban Innovations may use to remote Shalom Tower to the new target population. The first method is the use of newspaper. The second marketing method may be the use of local radio. A third method can be the use of the Internet. Who Pays According to Robert and Chop (2010), “To join, the person generally pays an entrance fee and a monthly fee, and in return gets a home and certain services” (p. 278). Forty-five percent Of the residents pay by Medicare, which is the primary payer source.

Thirty-one percent of the residents pay out-of- pocket for living in Shalom Tower. Twenty-one percent of the residents pays with insurance coverage. Three percent pays with private payment, such as payment made by family members (D. Erect, personal communication, November 24, 2013). Nursing Care urban Innovations offer some nursing care at Shalom Tower to certain residents. Accorded to Ferrier and Ferrier (2008), “They provide direct patient care, monitor treatment, and refer the client to other social and medical services as needed” p. 471).

The nursing service will also provide educational information to the resident as well as to their family. This information may be basic home care procedures, such as insulin injections, catheter care, or hanging dressings. According to the resident’s income the nursing agency may charge a fee for their services. Special Amenities There are many special amenities at Shalom Tower. There is the beauty shop, which is open from 8:00 a. M. To 12:00 p. M. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This beauty shop is staffed with students from the Pa’s College of Cosmetology and an instructor.

There is a little grocery convenient store on the first floor of Shalom Tower. It is open the weekdays from 8:00 a. M. To 4:00 p. M. There is a library, which is on the first floor, which is Open during the weekdays from 8:00 a. . To 4:00 p. M. There is a transportation bus that takes the residents to other service facilities. However, starting in January 2014, there will be a small fee for this service. There is a city bus stop just right out of the front entrance of Shalom Towers for the residents to enter and exit the bus safely, though the buses do not run on Saturday and Sunday.

Recreational Activities There are many recreational activities that the residents can be involved in at Shalom Tower and at the Jewish Community Center (ICC) located right across the parking lot from Shalom Tower. At Shalom Tower, there IS a game mom with pool tables, a small gym (the residents must have a letter of approval from their doctors filed at the gym), and common areas where residents can meet their fellow residents, family, and friends. Shalom Tower has quarterly dances, weekly knitting club, monthly reading club, and other social activities.

Shalom Tower and ICC have a contract that allows the residents free access or for a small fee to any event that the ICC is holding. This contract also allows the residents to use the full size gym, three swimming pools, the saunas, and other exercising equipment. Affordable Care Act To be a resident at Shalom Tower, one must be at least 62. Many if not all of the residents are already on Medicare, there should not be too much change in the anticipated health care reform. However, after January 2014, Shalom Tower will accept any person with a handicap no matter what his or her age is.

This action will cause a change in itself because every apartment must be equipped with pull cords and an emergency call system so that if one falls, he or she can request help. However, the acceptance of the young handicapped residents may cause other changes, such as more Medicare and Medicaid students living at Shalom Tower, which means more paperwork for the staff. Improvements Because the building was built in 1 979, the administrator would want to improve each apartment when it becomes vacate. The administrator wants to put non-slip tiles, grab bars, and safety railings in each apartment.

Furthermore, the administrator will equip each apartment with wired Internet. This way, one’s basic psychological needs and survival needs can be met (Brickwork, 2005). Current Research There are several current research conducted on aging that can affect the residents of Shalom Tower. There is the impact of exercise on sarcophagi research, which is conducted at the University of Alberta. This research is studying the skeletal muscle and one’s exercise physiology. The end date for this research should be in May 201 8 (A. A House, personal communication, November 18, 2013).

There is the molecular mechanisms of Rapacity’s effects on health and longevity research, which is conducted at the university of Pennsylvania. This research is studying the drug Rapacity which extends the maximum lifespan of mice and the cellular mechanisms in aging and development in human beings. The end date on this research should in April 2014 (A. A. House, personal communication, November 18, 2013). There is the research on the influence of age on CDC T memory cells, which is conducted at Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education, Inc. PAIRED). This research is studying the effect on aging and the CDC T memory cell function. The end date on this research should be in June 2018 (A A. House, personal communication, November 18, 2013). There is the effects of exercise on frailty in C. Elegant research, which is conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. These research is studying the loss of motor power, which lows the loss of power of frailty, which will lead to the improvement of quality of life and the reduction of morbidity. The end date on this research will be in April 2015 (A A.

House, personal communication, November 18, 2013). Conclusion Shalom Tower is a retirement apartment that was built in 1979. It was started to be for older widows but in 1984, Shalom Tower began accepting men. One must be 62 or older to live in Shalom Tower. There is a two to three year waiting list. There are many services that Shalom Tower offers the residents, such as nursing services. There is a beauty shop on site as well as a nonviolence store and a library. There are many activities at Shalom Tower and the Jewish Community Center located in the same parking lot as Shalom Tower.

Medicare pays for 45% for the residents, 31 % of the residents pay out-of-pocket, insurance companies pay for 21% for the residents, and three percent, pays with private payments. Because Shalom Tower was built in 1979, there are many improvements that the administrator would do to the apartments. There are current research being conducted at several universities that will affect the residents of Shalom Tower.

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