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Personal Statement

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and the passion of science reflect my interests in biomedical science. My
interest in Medicine began in high school where I studied biology and chemistry
classes that focus on many topics. I intended to continue studying biology in
college as an undergraduate student. Everything I learned from these subjects
brought my attention to continue studying biology in a detailed way. Applying
to the biomedical science program at Rutgers University because it combines
both concepts I like to study the most, which are science and the application
of science in medicine and other health-related fields. My interest in this
program will help to expand my knowledge and skills needed in my future career.
Applying to biomedical science program will fulfill my interests in biology and
medicine through research, knowledge, and the transition to a successful

at Maimonides Medical Center reflected my interest in medicine. My objective is
to help people and those who need care and compassion. Volunteering at
Maimonides Medical Center helped me to be courageous, mature, and resilient on
the path that I have chosen to pursue my future career. It is not always easy
for anyone to endure the essence of working and volunteering at the hospital. Being
a patient-care volunteer have utilized my skills needed when it comes to
interacting with patients. At Maimonides Medical Center, I was helping patients
in several surgical departments. My duties as a volunteer focused on providing
attentive care to patients, including reading to patients, and feeding patients
who are debilitated.  Aside from being a
volunteer, I was able to anticipate what the patient needs and report it to the
nurse or the doctor. It was a great experience to have an insight of what do I
want to become, which helped me prepared to study biomedical science to develop
a better knowledge needed for my future career in medicine.

undergraduate study was a great experience, which is filled with beneficial
outcomes that I anticipated to learn as a biology student. The ability to
invest time and effort to balance out my life as a college student helped me to
be more vigilante about achieving my goals. Studying medicine is challenging,
but with hard work and effort, it will help make it very interesting to
flourish my skills needed for my future career. It requires a better
preparation to endure the challenges with confidence and success. Biology is a
very broad topic to investigate and study in college. It was very significant
to be more resourceful and knowledgeable in relation to how these topics are
applied to the real world. Applying to this program drives my interests to
study biomedical sciences curriculum to have a solid knowledge in many fields
in biology, such as physiology, microbiology, and immunology. This inspired me
to learn more about biomedical science to enrich my knowledge of many concepts
in science in relation to diseases and Treatment.

from taking different courses as an undergraduate, I wanted to be involved in
different activities on campus. I became a member of several student
organizations at St. Francis College, such as pre-medical and health profession
club, history club, and student government association. I also became a club
president of the environmental club for two years, which helped me to gain
leadership skills that are important to make decisions, take actions, and be
more a vigilante person. Taking a role as a club executive resembles leadership
by dedicating time and effort to maintain and revitalize the club’s interests
in helping the community and take the initiatives by fundraising, community
service, and be involved in several activities as part of the school community.
The importance of being involved in different extracurricular activities
enhanced my college experience through building many skills in communication,
leadership, and commitment to help others.

as a laboratory assistant helped me to utilize my knowledge of biology. As an
undergraduate student, I wanted to have a strong background in science by
working in the laboratory to help me to have a better understanding of several
topics in biology and chemistry. I was able to explore many methods and
techniques that are very important to learn in biology and chemistry through
laboratory work, which will help me in my graduate studies and my future
career. There are several tasks I have performed in the laboratory, such as
preparing solutions, culture media for microbiology labs, and prepare in
advance materials needed for laboratory, helped me to learn beyond taking
classes in biology. The importance of working in the laboratory enhanced my
interests in applying to biomedical sciences gain more practical and analytical
skills needed in my career.

ambition to do research is one of the reasons that inspired me to apply to
biomedical sciences. As an undergraduate student, I was able to be involved in
a research project with Dr. Kathleen Nolan, who is the chairperson of the
biology department at St. Francis College. The purpose of this project was to study
the effects of ecological parameters such as density and bean choice on the
emergence and survival of bean beetles. It was a great experience to have an
insight of conducting research and methods. My research project also involved
poster presentation at Metropolitan Association of College and University
Biologists conference at New Jersey City University. It also involved a
presentation at the second environmental health conference at St. Francis
College. This project is a great reflection of my ambition to contribute to
research to fulfill my interests in biology and medicine. Research is very
significant to enhance my critical-thinking skills that are needed to be able
to assess different situations and factors that can have meaningful outcomes.

of the greatest challenges in my life is when I first came to the US. Coming
from a different culture is not always easy for anyone to be accustomed to the immersion
in a different place. I was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, where I
experienced a different educational system until I moved to the US to study at
FDR high school. I intended to study hard to succeed and become a college
student, despite the challenges that are dealing with language and culture.
What motivated me to appreciate my high school experience was my passion in
taking part of extracurricular activities, such as being part of the high
school soccer team. Playing soccer in high school has benefited me to develop
teamwork, sportsmanship, communication, commitment, and endurance. My high
school experience helped me to facilitate my new educational experience through
college due to the substantial effort and work I have been devoted to succeed
in life. The transition from a different culture to another indicated how I was
determined to overcome my difficulties and achieve my goals.

an undergraduate student at St. Francis College, there were many challenges
that involved some science courses that were very difficult, which impacted my
academic record. These courses, such as physics and public health courses had
impacted my grades, however, these courses taught me to deal with difficult
situations and take on many challenges. Grades are not the only indication of
making me a strong applicant because grades do not reflect the one’s potential.
The ability to endure a hard course is a great determinant of how to withstand
any difficulties with any course. However, these obstacles helped motivate me
to endeavor to achieve my goal that I am aiming for many years. These obstacles
helped strengthen my willingness to achieve my aspiration in life to become a
doctor. these difficulties motivated me to be self-aware of what to anticipate
in life, which is a meaningful way of becoming a strong applicant.

goal in life is to become a physician to give back and help my community and
those who are in need. Applying to biomedical science program will help me
strengthen my knowledge in science and the application of science through
research to be able to explore different topics. This program is a perfect fit for
my learning objectives to experience and learn beyond what is required to
fulfill my dreams and contribute in the field of biomedical sciences. 

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