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My teaching approach have taught more than 200 lessons in my teaching career at school so far. This amount of lessons showed me many reasons for using suitable teaching methods for a particular class. What is a teaching method? In general, the teaching method refers to pedagogy strategies which are used in giving class instructions.

The methods primarily fall into two approaches: teacher- centered and student-centered. Personally, I like more the students-centered approach when teachers and students play equally active role in the learning process.Unfortunately, I observed many lessons when I could not identify almost any methods covered in our seminar. On the other hand, that time I was not familiar enough with the features of the methods.

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Anyway, the lessons seemed very similar. The teacher did not give the instructions in English. Sometimes he or she did but it depended on the level of English of the class. The students level of English limits teachers for using teaching methods. For this reason teachers should find a suitable teaching method even for the lower students level of English. One could be the Grammar orientation method, which is quite widespread.

The method is focused on written literary texts (typical working with grammar books etc. ) and characterized by translation from English into our native language. It is very easy to follow for students and it does not require excellent communication skills while some other methods do. In classes I taught, the level of English was not corresponding with the age of the pupils (of course we could find some pupils with good English too). Because of this fact I could not speak English all the time so from this point of view it would be very difficult to useThe Direct method, Communicative language teaching method or Task based learning. These methods are focused on everyday spoken English, authentic communication and on what is being communicated, not structure in English. Simply, the methods require higher communication skills. The methods requiring better communication skills could be suitable to use in the 6th classes than in other higher classes.

Mean that you as a teacher could develop their communication skill from the very beginning of the second stage. So it would be much easier to apply such methods as Direct etc.Using only English during my classes was my main goal but after couple of lessons I had to reconsider this goal because the pupils were not used to speaking only English during the lessons. Anyway, after a while it got better. Forced them to speak English as much as possible.

In my opinion, I think that after a while The Communicative method would be used successfully. Personally, like this method. Try to use it in my private lessons but the surroundings at home are completely different than at school. I also have to adapt the method on a particular student, which is understandable.

As a teacher Of English and history, I would like to try to use The CEIL method. In a nutshell, the method is characterized by teaching non;language subject in English. Teaching history in English must be really challenging not only for teachers but also for students. In our seminar we discussed The CEIL method properly and we agreed that the method is more suitable for chemistry or physics. Still, I would use it more in history or geography. Before our first seminar had not known about teaching methods much.

Of course, I had already heard about some but I could not have named the particular methods.I have to admit that some of the methods were completely new for me. In our seminar, we covered methods which would probably never use. Namely The Audio-Lingual method or The Total physical response. I do not think that they are bad. I just can not imagine myself using them. The Audio-Lingual method states that mistakes are bad and should be avoided and The TAP is more likely for small children.

In conclusion, our seminar showed me new ways for teaching English. The methods are worth trying in English classes. I will definitely use some of the methods in my lessons.

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