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My first reason that I anticipate social media is inadequate for teen’s in today’s society, is that most teens in today’s society use social media in a wrong way. Most teens in today’s society don’t follow the rules of social media and don’t devise the right decisions. That creates vulnerability, leading to them being scared after they were pulled into a game of predator and prey from online mistakes. According to Growing Wireless more than 40% of teens have used social media for looking up inappropriate websites and identity theft. Also 15% of teens have been left scarred from harassment, according to Growing Wireless.
My second reason that I deem social media is unacceptable for teens in today’s society, is that teens in today’s society aren’t particularly aware of their actions what the consequences of those actions can be. For example, Huffington Posts says,” that 32% of teens have experienced menacing online advances and 15% of teens have been disturbed and uncomfortable about private messages gone public. This explains that more than 40% of teens, periodically don’t compose the right choices when chatting online. This leads to the metaphor:”one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.” These are relatable as if a teen gets influenced into a single amateurish choice they can ruin their whole life.
My third reason that I deem social media is substandard for teens in today’s society, is that social media has a numerous amount of privacy invasions, resulting in teens being exploited and used for identity theft. According to, Turbo Future 88% of teens have been exploited by sexual predators and 40% of teens have used their own personal information on social media. These teens will have their life ruined for sharing sexual content to a sexual predator. After that, those teens will be falsely accused of misdemeanors they didn’t do as a result of identity theft.
In conclusion, I presume social media is atrocious for young kids in today’s society, this is true as for I provided 3 reasons why social media is execrable for young kids in today’s society. Those 3 reasons stated that social media is a massive place for harassment and predator and prey. In addition, social media produces teens to become addicted to their phones, according to Psych Guides. Social media could also lead to isolation according to Huffington. Almost all of these in the end lead to teens with anxiety and loneliness according to Forbes. This concludes why social media is abysmal for young kids in today’s society.

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