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The History Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in Barangay Palanan, Makati City was founded on August 3, 1961. Many of SJWP early parishioners personally assisted in the construction of the first building and contributed to the church’s empty coffers In 1960, sensing the growing spiritual needs of the barrio, its residents, with the approval of the incumbent Parish Priest Rt. Rev. Fr. Magtanong Cruz filed a petition for the creation of Barrio Palanan into a new parish. The petition was approved in 1961 by the Archbishop of Manila, the late Rufino J.

Cardinal Santos. Prior to its anonical erection, St. Joseph the Worker Parish was a part of the Parish of San Isidro Labrador in Pasay City. The spiritual needs of the residents in Barrio Palanan were administered by the parish priest of San Isidro. Masses were only celebrated on Sundays and some holidays of obligation. On March 24, 1962, the parish was erected together with the installation of the parish priest, the late Rt. Msgr. Fernando Mempin, D. P. The new parish was named after the universal patron saint of workers St. Joseph the Worker.

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Thus, the celebration of the barrio fiesta is on May 1st of every ear. In 1989, the parish experimented with a parish-wide election. At about the same time, the reconstruction of the parish church was also being considered to accommodate approximately double the number of parishioners for every mass. During the period of Rev. Fr. Ben C. Arceno, more organizations were formed. Trans parochial groups were welcomed in the parish like Couples for Christ, Lord’s Flock Community and El Shaddai. The PREX was introduced in October 1995.

Formation/ Education Ministry became the Parish Priest’s direct concern and it was this period hen the Catechism of the Catholic Church was launched as a vicariate activity. In July 1998, the Parish Prayer Gathering started as a monthly celebration of SJWP. Retreats & recollections were supported and district participation in street masses and block rosaries became more active parish newsletters were printed such as JARYO of the Parish Youth Ministry and Jubilation from the Parish Pastoral Council. The rebuilding of the church that began in January of the Great Jubilee Year 2000 has reached its final phase of completion.

Vicinity Map Driving directions to St. Joseph The Worker Parish 1 . Head northwest on Taft Ave toward Estrada Street. 2. Turn right onto Quirino Ave. 3. Turn right onto S. Luzon Expressway. 4. Turn right onto Fahrenheit. 5. Destination will be on the left. has a total population of 16, 614. Parish Priest Msgr. Fernando Mempin (1962- 1971) 2. Rev. Fr. Jose sunga (1971- 1983) 3. Msgr. Benedicto S. Aquino (1983- 1987) 4. Msgr. Ernesto P. cruz (1987- 1991) 5. Rev. Fr. Ben c. Arceno (1991-1999) 6. Rev. Fr. Reynaldo B. Bungay (1999- Present) Activities and Services LENTEN ACTIVITIES: Pabasa Blessing of Palms

Stations of the Cross Chrism Mass Altar Repose -Vigil Seven Last Words Novena to Divine Mercy Veneration of the Cross Light service Risen Lord Salubong Fellowship ADVENT ACTIVIES: Simbang Gabi Lighting of Advent Wreath OTHER ACTIVIES: Santacruzan Dalaw ni Jose Corpus Christi Novena to Sacred Heart Christ the King Procession SERVICES: Thanksgiving mass Baptism & Confirmation Pilgrimage & Marian Exhibit COUNCIL: Parish Pastoral Council MINISTRY: Worship Ministry Education Ministry Services Ministry Temporalities Ministry Youth Ministry Family and Life Ministry

Greeters & Collectors Ministry Ministry of the Altar Servers ORGANIZATIONS: Apostleship of Prayer Knights of Columbus Catholics Women’s League Legion of Mary Mother Butler Guild Parish Choir Association The Lord’s Flock El Shaddai Singles for Christ Couples for Christ Programs Challenges/ Difficulties The parish seems not to undergo any difficulty. However, the decreasing population of youth parishioners is very threatening and has to be the primary concern not only by the said parish but the whole Christian community.

Pictures and Documentation Unlike in the province where I am engaged in various religious organization such as the Youth for Christ and Knights of the Altar, my only religious involvement here is my weekly church obligation to attend Sunday Masses. I also attended the Local World Youth Day Celebration last July held at Don Bosco Makati. My Reflection Our respective parishes is one thing we have to cherish for it is considered as a family where we can offer ourselves to one another especially to our Almighty Creator.

The continuous development of Church organizations including the xistence of various religious assemblages is indeed a sign that one great faith is existing and alive. However, like the observation of SJWP, the number of Youths participating in such religious gatherings tend to be fewer compared to the times when technology is not as influential as today. This is something everyone has to work on specially us in the youth sector. Our respective parishes is a gift we should keep for it holds and unites us as one people of God. That whatever challenges may occur, we could hold on to each other.

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