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My name Tapas Buiya, M.

Tech from IIT Bombay in Communication Engineering, Powai, currently as Scientist ‘E’ at SAMEER (Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering, Autonomous R & D Laboratory under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India ), IIT Bombay Campus and served SAMEER for 20years.  It’s my pleasure to recommend Shraddha Shinde for enrollment at your university. I have known her since one year through selection from Broad of Apprentice Trainee, India and given responsibility for work in a project of Portable Table Top Moisture Measurement using Microwave Guide. She completed her Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with specialized subjects and selected as Research fellow apprentice trainee in my Research department (Technology Innovation Department).During the project, she independently and explicitly participated in each task. Her distinguished skills clarified her motivational goals and her efforts towards research make her more liable. She actively participated in one-on-one weekly meetings regarding project assessments.

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Hard work and perseverance paid off by taking responsibility and desire to put herself in other people’s shoes. An optimistic attitude and her sincerity make her hallmark in her identity and motivation for others in the department. Her ubiquitous participation as a leader in sports, annual day and management in events makes her self-determine towards trustworthy person at given charge. Even underprivileged from finance never affect her growth in a career rather confront such state with serenity.

She responded with courage when a challenging task comes in her way. All round personality make her valuable asset to our project team and department.I confidently recommend Shraddha Shinde for Master’s Program at your University. I understand that you are looking for a candidate who will be able to establish a study and would be a good catch for any department. I personally urge you to consider her candidacy seriously and also help her to gain financial assistant from your side as she is a brilliant student with undeniable talent.

I hope she will get a chance to study in your university. Please don’t feel hesitate to contact me in case of any specific queries that you may have. She surely becomes a pillar of state if she admitted in your program and makes her surrounding ameliorate.Sincerely,Tapas K BhuiyaScientist “E”, Technology Innovation Division (TID)Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research,SAMEER, IIT Campus, Powai, Mumbai-400076E-mail:- [email protected]: 022-25727131

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