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My childhood was like a wild roller coaster growing up. My classmates would make fun of me because of my siblings and I was bullied as well. I was teased by my appearance and my siblings. My brother was diagnosed with high-functioning Autistic – Asperger’s and he was bullied because of that. My sister sexually harassed at school just because of the clothes she wore.

My father was verbally abusive towards my siblings and me. He would always slander us by calling us cruel names and repeatedly discouraging us. My mother didn’t know anything at the time that this was going on because she was working all the time.

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My father was retired earlier due to his knees, and my mother didn’t have a high paying job to raise a family of six. I overcame these challenges by pursuing my studies, developing character, being a leader, and serving my community. Pursuing my studies taught me that even when I am actively involved with my community I can still hold a high-grade point average.

It has encouraged me to continue my studies and gather more knowledge because I can always learn more than what I already know. Leadership has taught me how to stand up for myself and that being a leader isn’t only about giving an order. I have to listen to what others think, try my best to answer their questions, and make sure everyone works together successfully.My character shaped my being into a person who is kind, patient, caring, polite, and someone who has empathy.

It taught me to open my eyes to see how other people would want to see a role model for younger children. I was taught to be kind to everyone, how to show respect, and because of my characteristics everyone can trust me and I am someone they can depend on. Service has shaped me into a person who feels accomplishment in their work.  It has opened my eyes to everyone in my community as I volunteered to help out.

I have seen how kind everyone is and even doing a simple job just to make someone smile is worth it. These lessons will affect my future goals because it has encouraged me to follow my passion, to further my education, and taught me how I can make the world a better place. My main goal in life is to find a way to clean all the pollution from the ocean floor.

  I can be a leader in this campaign to encourage other people to help stop pollution. I can serve my community or my country by bringing awareness to everyone on what they can do to help protect our oceans. I can be a role model to young children because of the character that shaped me into the person I am today. Everything will help me reach my goal by gathering all the knowledge that I can to obtain this goal and how I can accomplish it.

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