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When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge – or embrace forgiveness and move forward. I believe forgiveness is the most important virtue in life. It allows us to place our attention on other things in life instead of dwelling on our anger and resentment towards the offender. I use to hold grudges with people and it made me very angry and bitter.

I became weary of it because at the end of the day I wasn’t hurting anyone I was only hurting myself. “My Greatest Teacher” by Dry.Wayne W. Dyer is a great example of how we can transform suffering and pain into forgiveness and love, and the lessons we can learn through the most difficult challenges we face. In the book he talks about how Ryan Kilgore (main character) has always held resentment and anger towards his father who abandoned him when he was born. His emotions started taking a toll on his marriage and his relationship with his own son-he confronted those unhealed wounds in order for him to move forward in his life. Another example is NelsonMandela, he fought against the racist system of apartheid in South Africa and was incarcerated for twenty years.

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When he was released, he harbored no ill will and became South Africans president in 1994. His attitude of forgiveness definitely helped South Africa transition to rule by whites only to a true democratic system. Afterwards, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee was set up to uncover the facts of South Africa apartheid and to forgive those involved.

No one’s perfect so of course people are going to make mistakes you Just have to learn how to forgive and forget.I had so much hurt and anger towards my dad when he went to Jail and my mom had to raise me all by myself. I was mean to everyone, always had an attitude, never cracked a smile I was never happy. Finally one day I realized that I could do anything to change the past I Just had to find forgiveness in my heart but I could never forget.

I had less stress, anxiety and hostility, I felt like a new person my attitude and everything changed. Ever since then I have not yet held a grudge with anyone and I don’t think I ever will again.

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