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My first day at a new college was exciting. Meeting new people, teachers, new classrooms, and other activities. It was completely different experience. College is way more different than high school, in high school you have to wake up early in the morning and have to go everyday. In college you have in the morning some days and some days you don’t have any classes at all. The sun was rising, and the birds are chirping. I woke up early in the morning and got ready for college. I left my house little early and drove my car down to campus because I am a commuter. First, I got out of my car in the parking lot and looked at my schedule on my phone and tried to figure out where my class and in which building it is in. I looked at the map of campus and found the building and the classroom. When I went inside the classroom and I thought this might be the wrong class so I asked a faculty member where my class is and he should the way to my first class. I was the first one to walk in the class because I was fifteen minutes early and waited for other students and the teacher to come. Then other students started to come in and I felt little bit weird seeing them because I didn’t know them. A student walked up to me and asked my name and greeted me. In all my classes the teacher talked about the syllabus and what chapters we are covering through first semester. In the cafeteria there were some activities going on during the noon hour or the lunch time. Students were eating lunch and enjoying the activities such games and learning more about campus by the students and faculty members. There is a game room where I spent some time playing pool, ping pong, and video games. I had lunch in the view café and watched a movie on my laptop during my free time. Later in the afternoon I came home because I didn’t have any classes until 6 o’clock. I started ordering some textbooks that I need for my classes for the first semester and did some homework. Next, I drove back to campus after few hours for the evening class and met my friends there and I figured out that they were in my class. The class was two hours long so the teacher started to teach us and gave us the homework that was online. I started trying to do the homework but I didn’t know how to do it so I emailed the teacher and asked about the homework and the teacher helped me via email. All the teachers are very friendly and helpful to me. College classes will get more difficult as the semester goes by and throughout the other semesters. Finally, after a long tiring day at the college, I came home after my last class of the day and had dinner, and went straight to bed.

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