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My idol is a Korean singer. He is Lee Jinn’, the leader of a male group namely Shine. The first time I saw Jinni while I was watching episode seven of the show called “Hello baby’. In that show when he acted as if he was a swallow, he looked so adorable and mischievous. After that, I have gradually learned about the Shine through the Internet: listen to pieces of song, watch music video and entertainment shows. I realism that Jinni has a beautiful voice and his smile is cute. Moreover, I am fond of his characteristics which are humorous, attractive and reliable. I eave recently encountered an interview of Jinni.

He said that he would not try to grow up too fast, he wanted to feel and enjoy his present life. I am interested in that thought of Jinni, which helps him to be comfortable and cheerful. Surprisingly, although he is under high pressure of work, he still reads books when he has free time. In my opinion, that habit is interesting and encouraged. Reading books regularly not only inspires him to compose meaningful pieces of music but also helps him to become more knowledgeable. In addition to this, the people who have worked with IM claim that Jinni is courteous, friendly and nice to the others.

I am moved to know that he often takes care of his members in Shine by his way as well. Sometimes I think about Jinni as a young man rather than an idol. I hold a view that Jinni is sentimental and sensitive and he will be a responsible unsound Ana Tanner In ten Torture. He once sat live in a farm tea Tanat nee would like with his family when he got older. I imagine that his family life will be full of simplicity and warmness. I have been his fan since last year and I think I would admire him in the future for a long time.

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