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My high school experience was an adventure if I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing, I would only add more, I was rebellious, spontaneous adventurous all the things you would not expect a girl to be at that period and social background. Let me be really honest my family always had money I had the best education and lifestyle money can buy. The sum of it I could do it and I did reflecting on this it was dangerous some of the things I got into and some of the places I found myself in at that age who cared, my mother said “l gave her a run for her money’, some old people saying who knows this was just something said.I think there are keys to living life, not necessarily several, but there are some mottos I live by is be happy, life is too short not to. Be fair and kind to others because I expect the same. Do not take things or people Tort granted I nave proven to myself a good stressful Tie goes not mean you have to be rich, however money does not hurt to have. I reflect on the people who played an important factor in my life and I see my family, generations of them all successful and smart.

They strive to always pass that down to their children and relatives.I am very proud of my parent’s for the values embedded in the person I am and the success I always try to achieve my mother left everyone she knew and the lifestyle to come to the United States to increase her knowledge and make her own success in life. My father at fifty went back to school to get his PHD, he says “I Just wanted to have the paper on the wall”, but I knew it was more, because to him education and success is important. My part in this story is simple; I made sure and did the same thing all my family did create my own success.

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I did not think that was important, but my stepfather made that clear one day. I had the grand idea that what money I worked for in the United States the exchange rate in Trinidad is higher and like what I have seen, you keep going for vacation and live it up whenever you go to Trinidad. He told me simply you cannot live in two countries, and hope to achieve anything and success is what you make it. In this country they hire you for your skin color but when you have that piece of paper you are hired for what you are qualified to do.I Nat was confusing to me but as time progressed I understood, my children were still young and I wanted to set an example to be carried on and I changed my life. For me this was the turning point in my life to strive for success.

My husband who has always been the one constant force in my life, he stood by me through all these life changing experiences in my life. Giving me the support even at times it is against his sane judgment, but I was given the benefit of the doubt that his wife knew what she is doing and it is for the best.This faith having all these lives depending on you it was scary, but fear I do not entertain it is there but I do not give it time to be a factor in my life. This is what I intend to happen that is a constant unchanging in the grand scheme eave planned for my life, that is to maintain that drive for success in my life and show meaning lead by example this life lesson for my children and they in turn will continue this family tradition for success. Working hard and creating what you want in life, this I consider my ultimate life purpose.

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