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My counselling session this week was quite overwhelming, nervous and apprehensive before the session begun. Unsure what to expect. My thoughts and feelings were of fear and I was anxious.
Feelings are subjective and occur in the mind. Silvan Tomkins (1979) stated that affect-(feelings) can either make you better about yourself or it can either make you feel terrible about yourself. In my case, it was the latter. The fear of what would arise from this meeting with a stranger.
I felt emotionally drained with the tears of sadness, as I was overwhelmed with the past coming back to haunt me. However, I felt a sense of a new dawn on the horizon. Psychologist Robert Plutchik (1980) created the” wheel of emotions” with eight basic emotions in hand. My emotions reflected Plutchik’ s wheel of Emotions (Interaction Design Foundation) as it includes one of the eight basic emotions which is sadness relating to the past and joy for the new dawn breaking.
As the session was rather heavy I decided to implement mindfulness strategies for myself. I visited my local church where you can just sit amongst the lighted candles. I closed my eyes for what seemed eternity I felt myself drifting away from the chaos of today. I noticed my breathing eased, palms became less heavy, feeling peace accompanied with solace. (Sperry 2001 p.1) stated some people are searching to achieve a sense of content within their lives. With the sense that spirituality is needed whilst they grew in their mindfulness journey, a journey that assists them with their problems they face in life.
I can relate to this, as for me spirituality is another way of finding stillness. (Christophe Andre 2014) mindfulness p141 mindfulness allows us to see what stress we are harbouring safeguard ourselves from it.
The counsellor could use cognitive behavioural therapy (Stephanie Fitzgerald 2013,2017 p4) The CBT workbook intervention. This looks at the course of the behaviour, how we see things and what therapy can be implemented.
My counsellor has suggested this therapy for me due to my past relationship dynamics.

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