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My dream to do adult nursing occurred
when I suffered from pneumonia as a child. Growing up in Kenya due to living
conditions I got pneumonia. I loved how caring the nurses were and they never
failed to keep a smile on my face every morning. This inspired me to become a
nurse. I also volunteered in care home at the age of 16. I wasn’t able to do
personal care but I would sit with the residents during tea time and I enjoyed
having a chat and helping the service providers as much as I could.

During my recent studies, I’ve been
able to enjoy all my units and I have gained a lot of knowledge from my tutors
and peers. One of my favourite units has been anatomy and physiology which I
got a distinction. I learnt about the different functions of the body system
and how they interrelate to one another and the importance of homeostasis in
maintaining the healthy functioning of the body. In unit 12 public health I
learnt about the National Health Service (NHS) and how it was formed. It’s a
huge contrast in the health system in Kenya where hospital bills can bankrupt a
family. Most people in England take the NHS for granted and don’t have a
concept of what a great benefit it is. Lastly, working in a health care
environment it’s important that health and safety measures are taken. For example,
carrying out risks assessments and finding a way to minimise them for the
service users. I’m willing to broaden my knowledge at university about many
risks assessment needed to be taken in a health care environment.

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During my course, I’ve done 200 hours
of placement in a care home. I’ve learnt about the importance of multi-agency
working and good communication skills. For example, writing and noting down
each activity the service users do. This has improved my communication
effectively and my interpersonal interactions. For instance, when talking to
service users it’s important to talk in a quiet place since noise can affect an
individual’s comfort and cause annoyance. It can also affect the concentration
of the communication cycle. Working with healthcare professionals, I observed
that they worked with the 6 core values in the Francis report to make sure the
service users got the right deserved treatment without being judged or

I came from Kenya to the UK in 2015
January. It was quite hard travelling all the way from a different continent
and having to start all over only with only a few months left to do my GCSE’S.  This made me more independent and dedicated to
do all my assignments on time and ensure I summited before the deadlines. I do
believe it’s important to set targets which give me more motivation and time to
plan and organise my work.  My
knowledge and skills have improved drastically and I have learnt a lot by assessing
my own development throughout this course and setting my goals/targets. I do have ICT skills which I believe is vital to have
working in a healthcare setting since it manages and saves all service data
which could be used for later use.

My hobbies are dancing, cooking,
spending time with my family and friends and reading. When I visit Kenya I also
love spending time in a children’s orphanage called Tumaini children’s home in
Mombasa and we try to provide basic necessities. I do enjoy sports and going to
the gym which helps improve my fitness abilities.

I do believe that adult nursing is
the right career path choice since I’ve been able to work in a health care
environment and learnt from professional health workers what is needed and
demanded from a nurse. Nursing might be challenging but it’s important to stay
calm and comfort patients regardless of the situation since they trust you and
look up to you for reassurance. I am confident I can overcome these challenges
since I believe I have the academic ability and good understanding of
professional care values to be an adult nurse.

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