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My theme was discovered through my life experiences as a teenager.

My theme is temptation. Temptation is the desire to do something wrong or unwise. As a teen, there are many influence we see that can hinder our perspective of our vision of life. Influence can be enforced by everyday peers, family, friends, and media.

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However, influence is a factor to temptation. Another factor is our survival and growth. We, humans grow every day in which we learn something new every day. Our survival insistent kick in to which temping us to make irrational choices which are doing to be displayed throughout my working of series.

 My order of my works includes #1 temptation over lust #2 temptation with curiosity 3# temptation of Kleptomania 4# temptation to survive 5# temptation to feel pain. My working of series comprises of 5 artworks. 4 of which are watercolor works of art and one being canvas. I started with canvas to explore its surface for future work of art. Notwithstanding, using acrylic was hard to which I exchanged into watercolor. In watercolor sketches, a considerable measure of things is indistinct in light of the fact that it is adlibbed for its materiel. In my artwork, I don’t need the message to be ionic or open.

In this manner, I paint them so the message can be grasped by intaking the whole art piece as each corner depicts its own scene inside an occasion. Then again, the other fine art is a figure since it is one scene in its own particular occasion. The attention regarding the matter close by while decode the message. In my all my artworks, the most appropriate style of portrayal is representative in light of the fact that each question has a vital to the general situation. Be that as it may, every one of my works of art will comprise of more emblematic portrayal. My fundamental outline standard is accentuation and development. Accentuation is utilized to feature what is important and to make a point of convergence all through my fine art. While development is utilized to make a period plot to which calls attention to which scene happen first in sequential request to depict an occasion which depicts my development as an adolescent.

 My art mentors aren’t my wellspring of inspiration. Notwithstanding, they are my arrangement of cases to use in my work of art. My two mentors that I explored through for my compositions incorporate Willian Murai and Elihu Veeder. Willian Murai fine art portrays experience when all is said in done and is made graphically. Then again, Elihu Veeder work of art portrays history in folklore and is crated on wall painting by paint. Willian roused me by his shading and obscure impact procedure intriguers me since it puts accentuation on the fundamental core interest.

On the other, Elihu Veeder utilizes imagery to depict the message in her specialty. It identifies with my specialty in light of the fact that the critical and troublesome part is putting accentuation on the vital concentration notwithstanding having everything being representative. 

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