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Myinterest in Biomedical Engineering originated at a young age when I lost myfather to liver failure. At an age where it’s difficult to comprehend tragedy,I overcame my grief by discovering my passion in a field, which effortlesslycombines both medicine and technology. Ever since engineering and medicine haveforged an alliance, the healthcare industry has made many tremendousaccomplishments over the years that have helped so many people in need. Onesuch invention is the Bioartificial Liver Device, which was invented in 2001 to”serve as a supportive means to allow the liver to regenerate and/or to performliver functions until a transplant is possible”1.

Other great inventionssuch as artificial hearts, camera pills, bionic contact lens and hands have greatlyinfluenced my interest for this field of study. I wish to pursue my graduate studiesin this exhilarating field to further satisfy my intellectual curiosity and tolay the groundwork for my career. Establishingcollaborations with the faculty and peers during my undergrad studies helped meconsiderably in refining my disposition for reasoning, logic, and scientificcuriosity, further reaffirming my pursuit of this field. I wanted to apply myskills and knowledge in creating assistive devices for physically challenged individuals.As a result, my final project in college was based on developing a device that wouldenable colorblind individuals in recognizing color. I feel that I have taken myinitial few steps of a thousand mile journey and am enthusiastic about learningadvanced skills, concepts and gain in-depth knowledge that will provide me withthe opportunity to explore the complexities and marvels of Biomedical Engineering.With additional training, I envision myself in acquiring a Ph.

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D. and being apart of a passionate and innovative research and development team that workstowards catering to the requirements as well as tackling any challenges of thebrave new world.  Inaddition, I completed an internship at CARE Hospitals in India where I learned extensivelyabout various equipment used in hospitals to help physically challenged peoplein overcoming their disabilities. I grabbed every learningopportunity I was presented with to pick up some invaluable skills such asoverhauling while enhancing personality traits such as creativity andpersistence. Over the years, I have consistently contributed in variousleadership roles whether it was as an organizer for a National Level TechnicalSymposium called Promethean, or as an executive member of an innovative studentclub called Club Inquisitive or as a chief coordinator for Annual College Fest.Working in these positions made me appreciate the value of communication, teamwork,commitment, planning, organizing, implementing, decision-making, and problem solving. Universityof Ottawa has always been at the pinnacle of innovation and does phenomenalquality of research and therefore is my first choice of University for pursuingmy Master’s Program in Biomedical Engineering.

I amfully prepared to undertake new opportunities and exciting challenges ahead asI feel that I have a firm grasp on the basic concepts of BiomedicalEngineering. Moreover, I am confident that my internship, projects and otherlearning experiences have seasoned me with a comprehensive sense of thescientific research which will allow me to make positive contributions to myclasses and the overall program. I strongly believe that I am an idealcandidate for this program and it is with great anticipation that I hope theadmission committee will accept my application. Thank you.


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