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“Music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive
expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what
culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” (Billy Joel). It is predicted that
music has been around for fifty-five thousand years, starting in Africa. Today in the United States roughly 124 000 people listen to radio every day. (C.Stutz,
2014). Music is something that has a huge impact on society through its
cultural impact, moral impact, and emotional impact.

What exactly is culture? According to Zimmermann
(2017), “culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of
people, based on their language, religion, food, social habits, music and arts”.
(Zimmermann, 2017)For thousands of years music has been used in many different
cultures around the world. The oldest relics of people
playing musical instruments have been found in Asia; these relics have been
analyzed and have been found to be around four thousand years old. No matter
where you travel to in the world, it seems that they all have one thing in
common, that is that they all have music found in the roots of their culture
that they still live by today. Although there may be differences in the style
and sound of the music, it seems that it has one big similarity, which is to
bring people together. Music and culture go hand in hand, culture can affect
music and music can affect culture. The way culture affects music is obvious
due to the wide range of musical genres we had in today’s society. For example,
country music-which is quite popular in today’s society-can date back to the 1920’s
in the southern United States, it consists of a mixture of folk music from the
British Isles, church music and African American blues. (“English club”, 2011) This
shows culture affecting music due to the fact that British, religious and African
cultures all had a part in changing music by creating country music. As a
result, different cultures help shape music, due to the wide range of musical
differences coming together as one, creating a whole new genre. On the other
hand music can affect culture. An example for this would be when rock and roll
came out in the 1950’s. When it first came out many parents did not like it
because they thought it would cause their teenage kids to become harder to
manage. Rock and roll resulted in the youth changing the way they acted,
dressed, and their physical appearance. As a result, this cycle of change in
culture is always happening due to newer trends or what’s popular in today’s
society. Although music has an effect on culture, it also has a moral impact on
the listener.

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What is morality? According to phycology today,
morality is the ability to have strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong.
Yet even though morals can vary from person to person and culture to culture,
many are universal, as they result from basic human emotions. (PT, 2014) There
is a very strong connection linked between music and choosing what is right
from wrong. Similarly to the era of rock and roll and youth many parents go
through times were they consider the effects of new music and if their children
should be listening to it. They get this feeling because youth is easily
influenced by society. This connects to morality because the youth can be easily
manipulated in a negative way through music. For example according to the journal
pediatrics “Heavy metal and some rock music have been associated in some
studies with an increased risk of suicide.” (A. Morin, 2015) on a more
personal scale, in today’s society, most music seems to glorify sex, drugs, and
violence which can have a negative impact on those who choose to listen and
follow the songs. Similarly to music affecting the morality of people, it also has
a large impact on our emotions.

The most easily noticeable impact music has on
society is its emotional impact. Music has a special ability to make us feel a
different way, it helps us to create a different atmosphere or set the mood. We
use music all the time to make us feel a different way, we’ll play an upbeat
song if were working out or dancing, perhaps classical music if were studying,
or even jazz if were on a romantic date. According to Stutz “the average American
listens to four hours of music a day.” (C. Stutz, 2014) therefore music must
have a huge impact on our emotions throughout the day, whether we are aware of
it or not. In addition, music also helps motivate thousands of others to be different
and to show their own artistic view of music. “Nothing really affected me
until Elvis.”(John Lennon) This quote said by John Lennon of The Beatles
shows how it was music that inspired him to become a musician and show his
artistic side. Had music not motivated Lennon, The Beatles may not have been
around to influence the next generation to do the same.

In today’s society, music plays such a huge role
in how we live our lives day to day. In conclusion music greatly effects
society through its impact on our culture, 

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