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Music is an incredible way to express oneself; and it seems that if I am a part of the creation process will feel more connected with other works of art. It is incredibly important that when I create music I don’t do it without care.

Often try to treat it like a Southern home cooked meal and give it all my heart, so when it is done, the person receiving enjoys digesting its composition.Now, it is important to understand that a majority of music today is overeducated with the same over used tones and emotionless songwriters in popes of capitalizing on a lucrative venture that is usually steered by no artist whatsoever. Mainstream media can often paint the picture of what you see or think about music. I personally believe a lot of the music that is still pure exists on a vinyl record.

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The vinyl can allow me to feel like I ; m in the room with the artist as the record was created or composed and that is when feel truly connected to music.Music is an escape from now. If treated with respect, loyalty, and love then the direction one single song could take me is literally infinite. I ‘eve learned to accept its imperfections.

I ;m powerless over a misunderstanding of someone else s work but still hold the ability within myself to interpret it however I choose. The way I appreciate what music has done for me should have an effect on the next man without a single word being spoken. My love for such work should be felt in what I create by others. њs like an old couple at a table together eating, not saying a word but, by the way they hold themselves so content with love for each other so strong there is no need for explanation. Often feel that music is the most enduring part of our personality and not literature. If you were to take away rhythm, dance, lyricism and all other elements you would possibly be removing the biggest part of a lot of people ;s days, weeks, years, or entire life.

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