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MUSIC INDUSTRYHi readers, and welcome to the latestexit of Rolling Beats magazine. Today I’m going to explain what the musicindustry is based of.To start,what is the music industry? And what is it based of?The music industry consists of the companies andindividuals that earn money by creating new songs and pieces and selling liveconcerts and shows, audio and video recordings, compositions and sheet music,and the organizations and associations that aid and represent creators. Amongthe many individuals and organizations that operate in the industry are: thesongwriters and composers who create new songs and musical pieces; the singers,musicians, conductors and bandleaders who perform the music. The modern Westernmusic industry emerged between the 1930s and 1950s, when records replaced sheetmusic as the most important product in the music business.   In the music industry, we can find 4 important areasof it:Live performance; Record companies;Music publishing companies;Artist management.  Live performanceAperformance, in the performing arts, generally comprises an event in which aperformer or group of performers present one or more works of art to anaudience.

But how difficult is organizing a live event?We asked to Dera Shelton, (SONY music publishing), how shecan organize a live event, if it’s a big or a small one.   “We need to start with the artist’s website and social mediaaccounts, saying people where and when they can buy tickets and know moredetails about the events. Social media are maybe the most direct way tocommunicate today: to talk with fans e friends is simple, and communicate moredetails is very easy”.To create a live performance there are several things toorganise and prepare for otherwise the event cannot go ahead.

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The ?rst isbooking a suitable venue for the artist/s to perform in. It’s no good trying tobook the O2 arena for a local band with a fan base of around 500 people. Youwill also need to book the venue either weeks or months in advance so thatstaff, equipment can he hired and there is plenty of time to advertise theevent. You would also need to enquire about what staff they have available asyou may need to source your own. Once you have booked the venue then you needto decide on ticket prices. Depending on the venue this will help determine theticket price as if it’s a well-known band such as The Rolling Stones, they willmore than likely be booked to perform at the O2 and therefore you would be ableto charge a higher price for tickets than for example a local band in a pub.You will also need to think about merchandise and what you will sell and atwhat price.

For a well-known band, The Rolling Stones, you would have merchandisesuch as t-shirts, posters, limited number of signed posters to bring in somemore money, wrist bands, CD’s, Autobiographies where as for a local band, youwould probably stick to posters, wristbands, CD’s and maybe t-shirts. Pricingthese items will also depend on their popularity as The Rolling Stones would beselling items between£10 for wristbands and £200 for a signed poster but alocal band would change £3 for wristbands and £15 for t-shirts. You need tothink about hiring staff for the event.

This also includes technical crew whohelp set up the venue, make sure all runs smoothly during the performance andwill pack away all the equipment afterwards. Most large venues such as the O2will have their own staff available such as front of house and security whichwould be included in the cost of hiring the venue where as if your venue is alocal hall or pub, you will have to sort out your own front of house staff andsecurity. Once you know that there will be enough appropriate staff, you canstart.

Today (December 2017), we can see some very big live event,in the past even now.But, firstly, we need to make a comparison between freeevents and private events (you need the tickets to get in).One of the biggest free concert was Rob Stewart’s Capocabana(Brazil) concert, with over 3.5 million people.

While the biggest privateconcert was made by Vasco Rossi, Italian rock star, on the 1st  July 2017 in Modena (Italy) with about 200 thousandpeople.            On the top,Vasco Rossi’s concert. On the right, Rob Stewart’sconcert What about artistmanagement?We only think about the singer or the group when we are in aconcert, but we should think about what there is behind the stage. Behind thestage there are many people that work to make the performance as well aspossible. The biggest work is the artist management’s. His work is sailingtickets as much as he can, working with different companies to make a very goodjob, and respecting the laws to make everything safety.

Firstly, we should make different between big and small labelmanager.Small label manager:The role can be varied. A manager responsible for a unsignedband or musician, or, if they are signed to a small label, often wears multiplehats ->promoter, agent, accountant, or any other kind of professional theartist needs to perform and have a viable career.

Big label manager.A manager working for an artist signed to a large labelfunctions in more of a managerial capacity and supervisors the other peopleemployed by the musician(s). These managers have oversight and ensure thatessentials such as advertising and “PR”campaigns are running smoothly, that tours are being books and those artistsget paid. Marc Oswald is an artist manager, who is in the top 10 of alllive concerts produced in the world history with events with over 340.000people: concerts and tour promotion, television, video and film production,entertainment marketing and artist management. “Oversee is very important in this job, see each relation.Speak with the stage people, crowd people and so on, so speaking with manypeople to create the best work ever”.But “create the best work ever”, doesn’t mean that he has to makejust fun for the crowd, but also safety, as I was saying, it’s one of the mostimportant think when we want to create an event, even in this period (terroristattacks).

Ariana Grande, after a terrorist attack during her concert inManchester (May 2017), says: “broken. From the bottom of my heart, i am soso sorry. i don’t have words” on her twitter profile.Ariana Grande, however, came again in Manchester to celebratethe life because: “We must not be scared!”                                                                        On the top,terrorist attack during her concertin Manchester.

 On the right,her concert “to not beAfraid” inManchester.   Record companies and publishingcompanies.We talkedabout live events and what managers do to make them perfect. But music industryis not only live events or concerts. It is also recording and publishing music,even thank to the respective companies.Recordlabels are the companies that market recorded music and music videos.

Recordlabels engage in a wide range of functions in the music industry including newartist recruitment and development, music publishing and copyright enforcement.Recordingand publishing have changed during the years: during the last century, the mostimportant way to publish a new record was the radio and later the TV.Now, since2005, year when YouTube was founded, this way has totally changed.

Also the wayto record is changed and the whole laws behind recording are straighter. JustinBieber, very popular pop star, for example, has become famous thank to YouTube,publishing homemade videos. We even invented a new job: the YouTuber.

Butpublishing a new record is not easy as we think. When a new single comes out,we should register it in an agency for copyrights. This agency is the BPI. Itrepresents the UK’s recorded music industry.

Basically if we want to listen asong in a party, we should pay the copyrights of the song. And this is thereason why publishing a new record might make the company and the singer orgroup very rich. Also posting a video in YouTube can reach you money.

 As we know, unfortunately, piracy is a verybad way to reach money on music. The RIAA, recording industry association ofAmerica, is doing with the FBI a working to find out pirates of music. We don’tknow perfectly how much you can reach from YouTube, but we thinks that thesalary might be from 1 to 7 euros every 1000 views.However, ifyou are looking for a manager to begin your music career, visit our website andgood luck!Thank youfor reading our book journalism of this week.

I’m already looking forward towrite the next week’s one! This week wetalked about music industry, next week we are going to talk about Ed Sheeranand his albums!         On the top, a picture of Ed Sheeran.     Thank you for reading,again! 

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