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Muscularity is the condition of having well developed
muscles in a male or a female physique. It is only possible with a good fitness
plan and a healthy diet. Today the definition to the word Muscularity is
bodybuilding. To be brutally
honest, it takes many years and training geared specifically to bodybuilding to
achieve the levels of muscularity.


a muscular physique takes a lot of hard work including weight training.
Although earlier weight training was the only medium to gain muscles but today there
are many other ways such as functional and strength training.

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      Earlier bodybuilding was just a sport not much
people use to

it but as compared to today bodybuilding has spread its   

      legs very well that everybody today,
whether it’s a male or a

      female is running behind a good muscular



muscular not just gives u muscles but it also keeps the person fit and
energetic. Muscles gives a good personality which can make anybody happy and

todays world where we have millions of diseases everybody is running behind a
fit lifestyle and for that they are ready to pay any cost. Bodybuilding now has
become a trend. We can see people of all the age groups in the gym whether its
old or young.



today is 80% just about flaunting. Random people     

       are posting their exposing pictures of
their body parts

       including both males and females.





1.1     History of Muscularity


in the 18th century weight lifting was practiced by lifting heavy
stones, and the intention was not to make a muscular physique but to show each
other their strength. But in the early 19th century weight training
took a new meaning. People started weight lifting for entertainment purpose.


such as pulling carts and lifting animals were practiced which were loved by
the people. Although at that time the physique of the sportsmen did not matter.
What matter was their strength and power to defeat each other


in 20th century came Mr. Eugene Sandow who was Officially know as the first famous
bodybuilder and the father of modern bodybuilding. Sandow was the man to bring
the era of aesthetics and symmetry in human body. He had unprecedented combination of muscle quality, strength and a
densely muscular physique.






Sandow was the first man to publish a magazine on bodybuilding
at that time by the name of “Physical Culture”

The Mr. Olympia statue is model modeled on Eugene Sandow





The first large scale bodybuilding show was named as the “the
great show” which was developed and promoted by the one and only Eugene Sandow
in England.


Sandow was the one who popularized bodybuilding through
exhibitions and posing displays in all of America and Europe. After that he
realized that it was the right time to organize a large scale show in which all
the Eugene students in U.K to display their muscular physique in the
competition where a proper judging panel and paying audience.

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