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Casey Anthony, has still touched the hearts of many in this world today. The average American family would stand up and revolt against the relieving of an offender for the unjust act of the murdering of an innocent child, and rightfully so.

However, so many of our generation clap their hands at the legalism of abortion.Abortion, any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy, is unfortunately widely accepted, and in some states legalized as our culture. Hence, the killing of the human species is becoming an acceptable way of life.

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Although this option is highly frowned upon in our Christian environment, it is very welcomed in today’s society. Contrary to what many may say, this inhumane decision was not always received with out-stretched arms. Many mothers in the early American colonies were shockingly sent to Jail for lengthy amounts of time for committing such a heinous crime as abortion.Hence, our fore fathers understood the concept of life at fertilization. Ironically, our Anton, tong growing reapply In ten sense AT technology Ana Intelligence, NAS clines in the sense of moral obligation and common sense; we have gained foolish foresight, while losing wise perspective. In 1967, the Judicial powers sadly legalized abortion in Colorado and California, the first two states to accept this major felony; opening the door to many other states to follow. Down the road on January 22, 1973 the U.S Supreme Court ruled and imposed the law of abortion, due to Roe vs.

. Wade. However, the legalization of abortion does not, nor will it ever prove its Justification. L There are many reasons behind the illogical act of abortion, though they all seem to be nothing UT poor excuses. The most common “Justification” for this decision, or so they say, is “the opportunities of life”. For many, abortion seems like the only way to fix an unexpected pregnancy and a nonnegotiable future.One of the main excuses for this gruesome act of abortion is the negative impact the child may have on the soon-to-be mother.

In other words, the selfishness of the mother far exceed the natural love and affection typically seen in the average relationship. Another poor excuse of this malnourished behavior is the fear of not being financially stable to support the child. Though this season may seem sound, it is merely Just a figure of poor planning. On the other hand, those who Delve In nears they are all part of en true n Tanat all things napped Tort a reason, Ana TN God’s sovereignty.Therefore, God would not bless us with a child if we were not able to carry that load: “There have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God [is] faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear [it]. ” (I Corinthians 10:13)2 Thirdly, the unwillingness to rear the hill with a single status is considered a good defense for abortion. Though this defense can be very discouraging and unpleasant at times, it still cannot shift the blame of one’s inadequate ability.

There are many other self-defensive reasons for coinciding with this unreasonable decision such as: the desire for privacy between relationships, health problems, and unfortunately, the wanting to please others; nevertheless, this rationalizing, once again, will never be able to be Justified. 3 Though abortion may sometimes appear to be a solution to a problem, it actually can open the window to many health related and psychological dilemmas. Some of the many side effects include: Death: The leading causes of abortion related deaths are hemorrhage, infection, anesthesia, and undiagnosed octopi pregnancies.Legal abortion is the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States, though most abortion related deaths are not officially reported as so. Breast Cancer: The risk of breast cancer almost doubles after one abortion, and increases with two or more rotations. Immediate Complications: Approximately 10% of women undergoing elective abortion will suffer immediate complications, of which approximately one-fifth are considered life heartening. Increased Risks For Women Seeking Multiple Abortions: Women who have multiple abortions face a much greater risk of experiencing the above complications.

This point is vital since approximately 45% of all abortions are repeated. Increased Risk For Contributing Health Risk Factors: Abortion is significantly linked to behavioral changes such as smoking, drug abuse, and eating disorders which all contribute to increased risks of health problems. Immoral acts and abortion are each linked to increased rates of PAID and octopi pregnancies. Handicapped Newborns In Later Pregnancies: Abortion and revival damage go hand in hand; which may increase the risk of premature delivery, complications of labor and abnormal development of the placenta in later pregnancies.These complications are the leading causes of handicaps among newborns. Increased Risks For Teenagers: Teenagers account for about 30 percent of all abortions.

They are also at much high risk of suffering many of the abortion- related complications. This is true of both immediate and long-term damage. Lower General Health: Women researchers found, in a survey of 1428, that pregnancy loss, and losses due to induced abortion, was significantly associated with an overall lower health. Multiple abortions correlated to an even lower evaluation of current health.While miscarriage was detrimental to health, abortion was found to have a greater correlation to poor health. According to the research above, one can see that the window that was opened to relieve one of their undesirable duties can actually lead to many undesirable, long-term injuries and complications that will leave the maternal being in an entirely different position than previously found. 4 Many women see this preference as a way to go through the door of opportunity thou dealing with the many “draw backs” of a newborn child.

However, they are blinded to the overwhelming aftermath of this most serious cause and effect. Though many abortionists of today leave the surgery complicated free, they always leave with haunting thoughts, and merciless memories. Carolyn Walton understands the feeling of self- destruction, “When Carolyn became pregnant under difficult circumstances, she went into a state of ‘shock’. She didn’t know what to do. But her well-meaning relatives did. They took over her decision-making for her, and had her undergo an abortion at a Cleveland clinic. The trauma of her abortion made her lose complete control of her life.

She found herself abusing drugs and alcohol, sterile from abortion complications, and dangerously suicidal… What was to follow was more like a nightmare than reality. I began having nightmares about my murdered baby. I began drinking more and more until I was up to about five bottles a week. I sometimes went so long without eating that when I would try to eat, I would vomit.

I finally went to the doctor and found out that I had an infection from the abortion. He started treatment, but it didn’t help. I told him about the nightmares and my nerves, and he eave me tranquilizer – no comfort, no counseling – Just pills.So I started taking tranquilizer to help me sleep, and pep pills to keep me going during the day. Four times I deliberately overdosed, trying to commit suicide. ” 5 Aborted women are prone to having nightmares, and sometimes flashbacks to the rotation. Hysterical outbreaks, unforgivable feelings, guilt trips all follow this same case. Some suffer with the fear of punishment from God for their wrong doings, or the hallucination of harm coming from other children.

Many abortionists sense a worsening of negative feelings about the abortion on the anniversary date, or any “pro-life” propaganda.Many get tied up with occupational thoughts of a child they could have had. They become excessively interested in pregnant women and babies. Since numerous women go through the guilt of murdering their child, experiencing false pregnancies, is another trauma-induced feeling. Sadly, many poor decided expectant mothers live with a sincere hatred for all mankind; looking for hope in a long darkened tunnel of discouragement.

6 In conclusion, a life is a life; whether it be born or conceived. Abortion is not an option, it’s a plosive decision resulting in murder of human life and the life of his mother.Though abortion is an obvious wrong, heinous decision; though many who chose wrongly live with this decision for ages to come; though there may not seem like there is a cure for such a traumatic experience; there is but one answer: Jesus Christ. “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. ” (Matthew 1 1:28-30) 7 A Paper Presented to Brow.

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