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Multiculturalism, as the term advocates, it is a
system that indicates co-existence and collaboration of multiple diverse
cultures in a society. Individuals with culturally different behaviors,
customs, norms, religious practices, etc. live and cooperate with each other
and facilitate mutual respect. Multiculturalism demonstrates an attitude and
policy of accommodating diverse cultural groups regardless of their characteristic


How do these
characteristics work out in an “actual” practice in terms of school structure?
This is all based on what someone may perceive what diversity and
multiculturalism is, and also what makes a school multicultural. Being able to understand
diversity and multiculturalism in a society where it isn’t recognized, is an inevitability
that needs to be established for students to have an open-mind in today’s
world. These are values when encompassed and executed by all- African
Americans, Anglo Saxons, Hispanics, Asians, male, female, gay, lesbian,
straight and transgender; established and non-established educational
societies- this would cause a successfully established generation that could
change the world. Culturally diverse understanding and admiration for
integration are not an option in today’s education, program development, or
cross-curriculum design. Developing understanding and aptitude for giving
knowledge based on these values and characteristics, indicates a difference
between success and failure in preparing students for the real world.

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There is a huge
impact on diversity, and that’s one of the biggest topics talked about in
school systems and sports. What is diversity? When it comes to diversity, there
are two magnitudes, primary and secondary. The primary aspect is the biological
and visible, such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, social class, disabilities,
and etc. The secondary aspect is socio-cultural and visible, such as education, language,
occupation, values, styles of learning, and etc. These two types of magnitudes
that people bring to an institute, it could be conflicting, but if learned how
to collaborate, it could work perfectly in harmony. This expresses the ideal
that people working together is greater than people working individually.

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