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University of Phoenix Material Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet Instructions: Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix.

Part II: Write a summary. Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines. |Part I: Matrix |What is the group’s history in the United |What is the group’s population in the |What are some attitudes and customs people|What is something you admire about | | |States? |United States? |of this group may practice? this group’s people, lifestyle, or | | | | | |society? | | |African-American history starts in the 17th |2005 U. S. Census figures, some 39. 9 |Grandmother is usually in charge of the |Being a strong, determined people.

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| | |century with indentured servitude in British |million African Americans live in the |family.Many African Americans are Baptist|Strong family ties even without a | | |America and progresses onto the election of |United States, comprising 13. 8% of the |Christians.

The African American church is|father in evidence. Artistic talent | | |Barack Obama as the 44th and current |total population |their center focal point of their |Ability to survive. Beauty of their | | |President of the United States.Between those| |communities and homes. Music is very |ancestral culture. | | |landmarks there were other events and issues,| |important for African Americans and many | | | |both resolved and ongoing, that were faced by| |forms of mainstream music have African | | | |African-Americans. Some of these were | |origins.The African American’s ingenuity | | | |slavery, reconstruction, development of the | |embodies the saying, ” if life gives you | | | |African- American community, participation in| |lemons, make lemonade” or “perseverance in| | | |the great military conflicts of the United | |being faced with ridiculous odds” | | | |States, racial segregation, and the Civil | | | | | |Rights Movement | | | | | |Hispanics in the U.

S. have a Wide-ranging, |Hispanics comprise about 11% of the U. S.

|Family ties are very strong.Preserving |Family ties, respect for elders and | | |history spanning more than four hundred years|population, including 3. 6 million residing|the Spanish language within the family.

|authorities, preservation of their | | |and varying from region to region within the |in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. |Importance and value is placed on good |culture, cuisine, and language | | |United States. The first confirmed landing in| |appearance. 90% of the Spanish-speaking | | | |the continental US was by a Spaniard, Juan | |world is Roman Catholic.Lunch, referred | | | |Ponce de Leon, in 1513 From then till present| |as el almuerzo, usually is the main meal | | | |day the Hispanics an America are a driving | |of the day. Patriarchal society.

| | | |force in our population. | | | | | |Filipino sailors were the first to settle in |2000 Census, 11. 9 million, or 4. 2 percent,|High educational level.Patriarchal |Belief system, art, cuisine, ethics, | | |the U. S.

around 1750. The Gold Rush in 1848 |reported Asian. This number included 10. 2 |family, major contributors to the American|and familial obligations of respecting| | |led to large scale immigration of Chinese. |million people, or 3. 6 percent, who |economy, notable contributions to science |elders. | | |Starting in 1865, the Chinese became railroad|reported only Asian and 1.

7 million |and technology, Asian Americans are | | | |workers on the Transcontinental Railroad. |people, or 0. percent, who reported Asian|sometimes characterized as a model | | | |Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. This act |as well as one or more races |minority because the culture encourages a | | | |barred virtually all immigration from China | |strong work ethic, a respect for elders, a| | | |and prevented all Chinese already in the U.

S. | |high degree of professional and academic | | | |from becoming U. S. itizens Chinatowns became| |success, and a high valuation of family, | | | |isolated communities as a matter of survival. | |education and religion.

| | | |The United States of America is a Western |2010 U. S. Census reported 308,745,538 |American culture includes both |Ingenuity, diversity of its | | |culture, having been originally influenced by|residents,[1] making the United States the|conservative and liberal elements, |inhabitants, freedoms that are | | |European cultures.Chief early influences |third most populous country in the world |military and scientific competitiveness, |non-existent in other countries | | |came from English and Irish settlers of | |political structures, risk taking and free| | | |colonial America | |expression, materialist and moral | | | | | |elements. U. S. s one of the most | | | | | |religious (primarily Christian) in terms | | | | | |of its demographics.

Most Americans today | | | | | |identify themselves as middle class; | | | | | |Automobiles play a great role in American | | | | | |culture. | | | | |Literature contemporary with the period of| | | |The fall of the Iron Curtain brought the end |Figures for the population of Europe vary |history in which it is written it will |Traditional values, customs are often | | |of the East-West division in Europe. The |according to which definition of European |capture ideas, social stereotypes, and |very old, originating thousands of | | |earliest known distinctions between east and |boundaries is used. The population within |environments, and simulations of actual |years ago when nomads and farmers the | | |west in Europe originate in the history of |the standard physical geographical |events from the region and period. The |Slavic peoples populated the area.

| | |the Roman Republic.Eastern Europe was mainly|boundaries was 731 million in 2005 |display of deeply felt emotions thru art, |Ancient pagan rituals relating to the | | |composed of all the European countries |according to the United Nations. In 2010 |literature and music. Many famous |seasons and agricultural cycles with | | |liberated and then occupied by the Soviet |the population is 857 million, using a |authors, poets and musicians. Strong |the holidays of Christianity (often | | |army after WWII. |definition which includes the whole of the|family ties even in the Soviet era |Eastern Orthodoxy).Very stoic but | | | |transcontinental countries of Russia and | |when befriended they are extremely | | | |Turkey.

Population growth is comparatively| |loyal | | | |slow, and median age comparatively high in| | | | | |relation to the world’s other continents. | | | |Islam is a religion that began in the 7th |approximately 1. 2 billion Muslims in the |Central to Islamic belief is the absolute |Art, Cultural contribution to the | | |century in the Arabian Peninsula. In the |world – 22 per cent of the world’s |power of God |world, Mathematics, adherence to | | |Arabic language, Islam means “submission,” |population |Patriarchal society. The roles assigned to|faith. | |which in a religious context means submission| |men and women in Islamic theology have | | | |to God. A person who submits is called a | |often come under fire in the | | | |Muslim, which is also the word for a follower| |Judeo-Christian world, mostly due to | | | |of the religion of Islam. Middle East has | |misunderstandings of Islam’s position on | | | |been a major center of world affairs.

|gender roles, or the corruption of | | | | | |Qur’anic doctrine by present-day political| | | | | |leaders in Muslim countries | | | | | |Part II: | | |Analysis |Summarize what you learned from this activity in a 350-700 word analysis of the advantages of a multicultural society and labor force.Use the following questions to | | |guide your writing: | | | | | |How has U. S. society used each group’s culture to construct the group identity? How has each group been stereotyped? How accurate are these stereotypes? | | | | | |How does the social concept of race relate to each group? What prejudice has each group faced? | | | | |How do the behavior and thinking patterns of U. S. culture apply to each group, especially regarding class systems and employment? | | | | | |America.

One would think America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The all american dream? One would think the American dream is a concept accepted by | | |all cultures achieved the same way through hard work, education, and good home base for support.Cultures are viewed different and have different perspectives on life | | |through owns past and present experiences, stereotypes, advances, behaviors, and all of the things that define a culture in society. | | |I am of a Western European descent with a dash of American Indian for good measure, in my point of view we Americans are a very diverse group with different shades of | | |skin color, hair textures, shapes and sizes. Amazing one might say, but we were not always this way. Americans in the beginning of our nation were all of British | | |extraction. The few who were not were enslaved and or the Indians whom we displaced in our greed.

| |At first we were came here to escape the tyranny of British rule and to enjoy the freedom of practicing our own religious belief. We separated from our families and | | |started to lose our heritage. That is a testament on the conviction of our forefather’s belief in the human rights that all men are entitled to. Now our country is | | |populated with all walks of life and we as a country still have more freedoms than any other country of the world.

| | |Other cultures are special in their own way as well. Muslim Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans are a testament to how culture defines America.They came | | |here and brought a different outlook on life, but that’s probably from their homeland because they haven’t been exposed to the “American Way”. Muslim, Asian, and Hispanic| | |Americans family views, customs, and traditions are different.

Some Muslim Americans pray five times a day to be closer to their god. One could look at this and say it is| | |not accepted and looked at as abnormal behavior, but a Muslim would look at it as a tradition and their form of religion. Asian Americans are looked at as smart educated | | |society. Society says that anyone who exceeds the normal is smart.Asian Americans pride themselves in hard work, exceeding the norm, and in some cases their government | | |prides themselves in being better than other countries. Now in American society being better than the competition helps one to advance in the work force, or corporate | | |world.

| | |What we view as behaviors, or traditions, or the pure drive to be the best as stereotypes. These are simply different culture identities that and outsider looking in | | |couldn’t possibly understand, the different ways we talk, the god we pray to, the different food we eat, and all the different things that define each and every culture. | |What is America? It is a melting pot of a little of this and a little of that, but we all are in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We have the right to make| | |our own choices, a little effort on everyone’s part we will see that we are not that different. | |Part III: | | |Sources |Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines. | | | | | |http://www. albany.

edu/history/middle-east/history. tm | | | | | |www. historyteacher. net/GlobalStudies/? MidEast_Culture. htm | | | | | |www. poedit. org/eastern_europe.

html | | | | | |http://www. suite101. com/content/eastern-european-history-culture-clues-a6541

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